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Combat the haze in Singapore with the best air purifiers you can buy for under S$300

Here are our best picks of air purifiers in the market you should get for your homes and office to combat haze.

If you start to experience twitchy and watery eyes and nose, you're not alone. Singapore is anticipating bouts of haze which will affect the island and neighbouring countries.

According to a media release by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) as of 6 October, there has been a significant increase in the number of hotspots in Sumatra, with 212 detected today compared with 65 and 15 on 5 October 2023 and 4 October 2023 respectively. Smoke plumes and haze were observed from satellite imagery over southern and central Sumatra. A brief shift in the wind direction this afternoon, from southeasterly to southerly, blew some of the lighter haze toward Singapore and caused a deterioration in air quality. There is a likelihood of haze affecting Singapore over the coming weekend if the fires persist and winds direction is unfavourable.

To safeguard my family's health, my Dyson Tower Fan has been alerting me of poor air quality this week, and as a precaution, I've been using the tower every day now.


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Besides taking precautionary steps to limit time outdoors and reducing activities, parents with young children are also advised to stay indoors. While keeping indoor plants can help filter some harmful pollutants in haze, there are a number of air purifiers in the market that can clean the air and help fight the worsening haze.

Here are our best picks of air purifiers in the market you should get for your homes and office to combat haze:

1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

S$216 S$259 at Amazon Singapore

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is on sale.
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro. (PHOTO: Amazon)

A customer was so impressed with this air purifier that he left a five-star comment: ‘Works very well during the haze. Air is much fresher in my house after turning it on.’

What’s nifty about this air purifier is that it shows a light indication of the surrounding air quality once it finishes its duties. Not only that, it adopts a new OLED display screen and a highly accurate laser particle sensor to bring a healthy lifestyle to your home.

2. LG PuriCare Mini (currently unavailable)

S$241 at Amazon Singapore

LG PuriCare Mini. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)
LG PuriCare Mini. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)

This lightweight purifier brand has been awarded the BAF (British Allergy Foundation) certification, for its capabilities such as its Inverter Motor's performance of creating faster, more powerful airflow and purification. Weighing only 0.53kg, you can easily carry this to different parts of your home to purify each section.

3. Sharp FP-J30E Air Purifier (no longer on sale)

S$179 S$308 at Lazada Singapore

Sharp FP-J30E Air Purifier. (PHOTO: Lazada)
Sharp FP-J30E Air Purifier. (PHOTO: Lazada)

Featuring a simple and compact design, this Sharp air purifier can be placed in any corner of your shop or office with ease. It functions with a density Plasmacluster Ion technology that powerfully and quickly removes airborne particles.

4. Novita Air Purifier A11

S$298 S$469 at Lazada Singapore

Novita Air Purifier A11. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)
Novita Air Purifier A11. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

The Novita air purifier is powered by long-lasting brushless DC motor system to produce high air flow rate of 500m3/hr with an extended coverage area of up to 1,076ft2. Equipped with a far infrared PM2.5 Sensor, A11 displays the PM2.5 count (μg/m3) based on two minutes moving average, providing a quick indication of your current air quality standard.

Note: A favourite among Yahoo readers, this unit has been restocked, but discounted to slightly below S$300.

5. Levoit Air Purifier Core 300 for Home (up to 915sq ft)

S$170 S$179 at Amazon Singapore

A photo of Levoit Air Purifier 200S. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)
A photo of Levoit Air Purifier 200S. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)

This brand of Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier has three stages of filtration (ultra-fine nylon pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter and a High Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter) that tackle 99. 97% of particles, odours, and airborne contaminants as small as 0. 3 microns.

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