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What does ageing gracefully mean to you? Our life expectancy continues to extend with the advancement in medicine and technology. Many of us are realising that we now have more time on our hands as compared to our ancestors. As such, living well in old age has become a thing worth pondering. So how does one “age gracefully”?

First up, accept the fact that the moment you are born, you are growing older. Unless you hope to stumble upon a time-travelling machine, the sooner you come to terms with it, the better. However, that does not mean that you have to look or, for that matter, act your age. Ageing gracefully is not merely taking care of our body or looks. It incorporates cultivating that positive attitude to become the best version of our age!

Here at Yahoo, we love to share life hacks with you. Check out the list below on some words of wisdom we have gathered over time. May you find your own version of ageing gracefully.

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Life hack 1: “Get moving”

Stay active and exercise. Exercise is known to release endorphins that make you happy. It also comes with multiple benefits, including heart health, bone density, better complexion and a better posture. Even if you do not have time to put in a cardio session, walk. Walking, a weight-bearing exercise, also helps to build bone density, amongst other benefits.

Life hack 2:“Practise moderation”

Be mindful of your lifestyle and diet choices, for these will come back to haunt or reward you when you are older. By all means, stay up late, drink that glass of cocktail or help yourself to your favourite cheesecake once in a while. But as with all things in life, avoid doing things excessively. As the wise sage Confucius said, “Do everything in moderation, even moderation.”

Life hack 3:“Get your teeth checked”

Nothing beats having your own set of teeth in old age to enjoy the food that you love. Do not be surprised that several health issues like heart health are linked to your oral hygiene. Schedule annual check-ups with your dentist.

Life hack4:“Use gentler products”

In this age of innovation, there’s always the next new skincare product to try. We say, go gentle on your skin. Instead of looking at only brand names, garner the right knowledge that will put you in good stead when selecting products that suit you. Use products that are gentler and do not contain ingredients you can't even pronounce or never heard of. Some skin-loving ingredients you should have in your skincare kit include pycnogenol, glycolic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Vitamin C.

Advanced Clinicals, Vitamin C, Anti Ageing Serum, 52ml, S$13.87

PHOTO: iHerb. Advanced Clinicals, Vitamin C, Anti Ageing Serum, 52ml
PHOTO: iHerb. Advanced Clinicals, Vitamin C, Anti Ageing Serum, 52ml

Pycnogenol Serum (Cream), Anti-Ageing, 28g, S$13.86

PHOTO: iHerb. Pycnogenol Serum (Cream), Anti-Ageing, 28g
PHOTO: iHerb. Pycnogenol Serum (Cream), Anti-Ageing, 28g

Radiant Seoul, Revitalising Youth Protect Serum, 50ml, S$16.63

PHOTO: iHerb. Radiant Seoul, Revitalising Youth Protect Serum, 50ml
PHOTO: iHerb. Radiant Seoul, Revitalising Youth Protect Serum, 50ml

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PHOTO: iHerb. Azelique, Serumdipity, Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Serum, 30ml
PHOTO: iHerb. Azelique, Serumdipity, Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Serum, 30ml

Sympli Beautiful Trial Pack, 4 Piece Kit, 7.4ml each, S$9.70

PHOTO: iHerb. Sympli Beautiful Trial Pack, 4 Piece Kit, 7.4ml each
PHOTO: iHerb. Sympli Beautiful Trial Pack, 4 Piece Kit, 7.4ml each

PrescriptSkin, Glycolic Trial Set, 3 Jars, 7.1g each, S$11.64

PHOTO: iHerb. PrescriptSkin, Glycolic Trial Set, 3 Jars, 7.1g each
PHOTO: iHerb. PrescriptSkin, Glycolic Trial Set, 3 Jars, 7.1g each

Other skin-loving ingredients to look out for:

Astaxanthin is more than 65 times stronger than vitamin C, 50 times more potent than beta-carotene, and 10 times more powerful than vitamin E. Include astaxanthin in your supplement arsenal.

Collagen is the building block of our skin. Enough said. Stock up on collagen

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an essential antioxidant that protects the cells against damage. Get your Coenzyme Q10 supplements.

Life hack 5:“Protect yourself from the sun”

Did you know that 95% of our wrinkles are caused by sun exposure? If you are not already taking basic care of your skin with sunscreen, do so now! Get your sunscreen here.

Life hack 6:“Take care of your eyes”

No matter how much tender loving care you give to your skin, never forget your eye area, for it is often the area that betrays your age. Check out 9 mini lifestyle changes you can undertake for sparkling, healthy eyes.

Life hack 7:“Be kinder than you feel”

There are some things, and people, in life that will benefit you more by letting go of. Be it a toxic friend, a dark past or people who have wronged you previously. There may not be a word of apology or resolution for everything that happens in your life. Sometimes, the wisest thing you can do is put your trust in the universe and get on with life. Always choose kindness in all things you do in life.

Life hack 8:“Keep an inner circle of friends”

We all need that circle of friends who embraces you and make the effort to point out to you when you are on the wrong path. Make time to get together and have a good laugh with your inner circle, and be sure to invest your time in maintaining a reliable social network. When it comes to friends, always choose quality over quantity. Edit your friends regularly. Not everyone deserves your time and energy. Look at your phone list periodically and distance yourself from toxic people who do not support your values and dreams.

Life hack 9:“Never stop learning”

As Steve Jobs said, “Stay curious, stay hungry.” The founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew was still honing his Mandarin skills when he died at 92. No matter your age, you are never too old to keep learning or to adopt new hobbies. Find something to align with your interests at Skillshare, Masterclass, or Udemy.

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