The top 10 most-searched female Singapore celebrities on Yahoo in 2019

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
(Left to right) Zoe Tay, Jayley Woo and Jamie Yeo were among the most-searched female celebrities in Singapore on Yahoo. (PHOTOS: Yahoo Lifestyle, Jamie Yeo/Instagram)

SINGAPORE — Here are the top 10 most-searched female celebrities in Singapore on Yahoo in 2019. (Check out the list of male celebs here.)

Actress Zoe Tay is speaking out on women's issues. (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

10) Zoe Tay

After campaigning against domestic violence last year, veteran actress Zoe Tay spoke out against date rape this year. Also, she won Best Actress at the Star Awards for her role in A Million Dollar Dream in an awards ceremony dominated by veteran artistes. 

Joanne Peh in Mediacorp's M18 drama series "The Last Madame". (Photo: Mediacorp)

9) Joanne Peh

Actress Joanne Peh was daring enough to go nude in a sex scene with co-star Jeff Chou for the drama series Last Madame, the first Mediacorp drama to be rated M18 (it’s not allowed on TV, only on streaming platform Toggle). The sex scene that was later aired was, however, tamer and less revealing than expected.

Jamie Chua at Fendi's store launch at ION Orchard. (Yahoo Lifestyle file photo)

8) Jamie Chua

Instagram queen and former flight attendant Jamie Chua famously became rich after divorcing Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca, with whom she had two children. Chua owns one of the world's largest collections of Hermès handbags and has over one million followers on Instagram, where she posts pretty, perfectly posed pictures daily of her travels and socialite events that she attends.

Jacelyn Tay and her son Zavier. (PHOTO: Jacelyn Tay/Instagram)

7) Jacelyn Tay

Actress Jacelyn Tay made waves when she suddenly announced in November last year that she was divorcing her husband of eight years. It seems that she’s still a subject of interest this year, having made it onto this list of top searches – perhaps it’s because of her regular social media posts about her adorable son, who it turns out is a very clever MRT train geek.

Mediacorp actors Ian Fang and Rebecca Lim at 2019 Star Awards. (PHOTO: Ian Fang/Instagram)

6) Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim, one of the top actresses in Mediacorp, did a very strange thing after a sexting scandal broke between Ian Fang and Carrie Wong (who also made it onto this list; see below). She unfollowed all 242 Instagram accounts that she had previously been following. She also deleted all pictures of Fang from her Instagram. Lim had long been rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with Fang. Currently, the Instagram influencer, who has 367,000 followers, is following 130 accounts.

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(From left) Cast of "The Little Nyonya: New Edition", Li Yuanbing, Ji Ning, Xiang Yun, Zhang Liming, Tu Lin and Fang Chengcheng. (PHOTO: Teng Yong Ping/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

5) Xiang Yun

Veteran actress Xiang Yun stars in the China-produced remake of Singapore’s most successful TV drama series, The Little Nyonya, which is set to be aired in China early next year. Xiang Yun originally played servant-mistress Wang Tian Lan, but now has a meatier role as the powerful matriarch of the Chen family in the remake. 

Fann Wong celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary this year.

4) Fann Wong

Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year in September. The two actors, who have a son, Zed, met on the set of 1998 drama series The Return Of The Condor Heroes. Wong recently shared the secrets to her gorgeous skin with Yahoo Lifestyle.

Former actress and radio DJ Jamie Yeo. (PHOTO: Jamie Yeo/Instagram)

3) Jamie Yeo

TV and radio presenter Jamie Yeo doesn’t make the news much nowadays (except when she’s plugging ultrasound collagen building therapy). But the beautiful 42-year-old mother of two continues to be a subject of interest, having made it to No. 3 on this list.

Mediacorp actors Ian Fang Wei Jie and Carrie Wong Si Tian. (PHOTOS: Ian Fang, Carrie Wong/Instagram)

2) Carrie Wong

Channel 8 actors Carrie Wong and Ian Fang were embroiled in a sexting scandal after an anonymous person leaked sexually explicit text messages between them. The two young actors were already said to be dating other people – Wong had a boyfriend, and Fang was rumoured to be seeing actress Rebecca Lim. Wong and Fang eventually apologised to the public for what they called their “vulgar”, “coarse” and “inappropriate” private conversation.

Actress Jayley Woo. (PHOTO: Teng Yong Ping/Yahoo Lifestyle)

1) Jayley Woo

The most-searched celebrity on this list was actress Jayley Woo, the girlfriend of actor Aloysius Pang, who died in a military training incident. (Pang topped our list of the most-searched male celebrities.) She caused controversy when she leaked texts from a Lianhe Zaobao journalist who was apparently pestering her for an interview. Woo posted an emotional tribute to Pang on Facebook, writing, “You’ll always be a part of me, my man.”