Actress Jacelyn Tay announces divorce on Instagram, deletes post, then reinstates post

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
Actress Jacelyn Tay with her husband Brian Wong. (Photo: Jacelyn Tay/Instagram)

Singapore actress Jacelyn Tay made a surprise announcement on Sunday (18 Nov) that she is splitting with her husband of eight years.

Tay posted on Instagram saying that she was in the final stage of divorce proceedings, but did not give a reason for the split. “I do not think I owe anyone the reason for divorce except to my son,” she wrote. “Even if you guys know, you can’t help or change anything for us. Hence, I ask all who truly care for me and Zavier to give us a peaceful Christmas this year.”

The Mediacorp actress added a note of reassurance to fans: “Don’t worry, me and Zavier are fine.”

The 43-year-old accompanied her post with two photos. One was of herself with her seven-year-old son Zavier at Changi Airport, and the other was of Zavier and her husband Brian Wong, 50, on an airplane. She said her son and husband were flying off to Europe for a holiday.

Tay removed the text of her post on Monday morning but reinstated it by the same evening.

Tay said “many may be shocked” at her split, but asked friends and fans not to comment on her post, as she would delete all comments. “If you truly love us and want to give support, just give a Like and pray for us. Thank you for your love,” she wrote.

By Monday, however, Tay’s Instagram post had attracted more than 400 comments and over 12,000 likes.

The actress married Wong, a former Mediacorp sales executive, in 2010. The couple had been managing the wellness and spa business that Tay founded, Body Inc.

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