Actress Rebecca Lim unfollowed everyone on Instagram after scandalous leak about rumoured beau Ian Fang

Mediacorp actors Ian Fang and Rebecca Lim at 2019 Star Awards. (PHOTO: Ian Fang/Instagram)
Mediacorp actors Ian Fang and Rebecca Lim at 2019 Star Awards. (PHOTO: Ian Fang/Instagram)

SINGAPORE — Since a sexting scandal hit Mediacorp actors Carrie Wong and Ian Fang, actress Rebecca Lim – who is rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with Fang – has yet to comment on the issue.

That is understandable, since both Lim, 32, and Fang, 29, have never confirmed that they are dating despite such rumours swirling ever since they were spotted holding hands in public in 2015.

But Lim did a very strange thing after Fang and Wong’s explicit private messages were leaked: she unfollowed everyone she was following on Instagram. Which means the actress, who is one of the top social media influencers in Singapore with over 340,000 followers, is now following zero people on Instagram. She also appears to have deleted all pictures of Fang from her Instagram.

Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim's Instagram account.
Rebecca Lim unfollowed EVERYBODY she had been following in her Instagram account.

A few weeks ago, a mysterious anonymous source leaked private messages between Fang and Wong, in a video which had circulated among the showbiz industry before reaching the wider public online.

In the video, someone holding a mobile phone scrolls through a long and flirty Instagram DM (direct message) conversation between the two actors.

The messages contain innuendos which suggest a sexual relationship between the two. At one point, Fang told Wong, “It feels comfortable when I sleep with you... I look forward to the next time.”

Fang adds that he would “plant strawberries” (Chinese slang for love bites) on Wong, to which she replied, “If you make it painful, I will bite you back.”

Wong, 25, revealed in February that she already has a Taiwanese boyfriend. It is unclear when the leaked conversation took place.

Wong and Fang later apologised for their “inappropriate” language and said that they said those things in jest.

According to social media tracking site Social Blade, the 32-year-old Lim unfollowed all 242 Instagram accounts that she had previously been following on 8 May, exactly a week before the news broke about the alleged dalliance between Fang and Wong.

Perhaps Lim got wind of the leak and moved to cut her losses?

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