Hong Huifang cuts ties with Pan Lingling over alleged hurtful comments about her family

Teng Yong Ping
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Mediacorp actresses Pan Lingling (left) and Hong Huifang in February 2018. (PHOTO: Instagram/Chen Xiuhuan)

Channel 8 actress Hong Huifang apparently has had bitter feelings towards her longtime colleague and friend Pan Lingling for some time – and things came to a boil during the past week when Hong sent an angry text to colleagues saying she had renounced her friendship with Pan.

According to reports in Chinese-language newspapers, Hong’s text message rant said that Pan had said and done hurtful things towards her family in the past.

Hong, 58, reportedly sent the text, which was addressed to Pan, 49, to no less than 50 people in the entertainment circle. Its length reportedly exceeds 1,100 Chinese characters.

In the rant, Hong detailed three incidents that she saw as “thorns” in the relationship between the two veteran actresses. The latest incident that sparked the current spat happened at a gathering of friends where Pan allegedly brought up a rumoured romantic relationship of Calvert Tay, and suggested that Tay get vaccinated against STDs.

The 18-year-old Calvert, who is a Mediacorp actor like his parents Hong and Zheng Geping, has been rumoured to be dating actress Julie Tan, 25, who left Mediacorp last year.

Pan later apologised to Tan for her comments on Tuesday (24 July), after Tan’s mother threatened legal action.

Mediacorp actress Hong Huifang (left) with her family (from left): Son Calvert Tay, daughter Tay Ying and husband Zheng Geping in April 2017. (PHOTO: Instagram/Hong Huifang)

Hong’s bitterness towards Pan apparently began more than a decade ago, according to her text, after she had to step in to sort out Pan’s relationship problem with her husband, actor Huang Shinan, after Hong’s husband Zheng somehow became involved in Pan’s marital troubles. Hong said Pan did not apologise to her after that.

The third incident that triggered Hong was regarding her daughter Tay Ying, 21, who is also an actress. Hong said Pan had made comments about Tay Ying’s romantic relationship which hurt the younger actress deeply. Her father Zheng was also upset about Pan’s words.

Hong’s tone in the rant was furious and she said that after this text message, she and Pan would be merely colleagues and not friends.

“Do not anger me any more or I will send this to more people!” said Hong in the mobile text rant.

Upon being contacted by Shin Min Daily News, Pan’s only comment on the spat was: “Let everything be washed away with time.”

Hong and Pan have both been acting for Singapore Chinese television for more than 20 years, and currently both appear on the Channel 8 drama Reaching For The Skies.

Both actresses could not be reached for comment.

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