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Shark Flexstyle review: The best hair weapon you can own is now cheaper than ever on Amazon and Lazada!

Shark Flexstyle is the life-changing hairdryer cum hairstyling tool everyone should own at half the price of the Dyson Airwrap!

Singapore – Some new launches are just more exciting than others. Case in point, Shark Flexstyle, a hairdryer cum multi-styler launched in Singapore in the last quarter of 2023. Since then, the must-have beauty tool has been referred to as the gold standard dupe of the Dyson Airwrap. Having personally used it, I find that calling the Shark Flexstyle a dupe is not doing it any justice. Shark Flexstyle, the revolutionary multi-styling tool, certainly deserves accolades from celebrity stylists such as Glen Coco, Ursula Stephen and Dafne Evangelista.

The Shark Flexstyle was launched in Singapore in August. PHOTO: Shark
The Shark Flexstyle was launched in Singapore in August. PHOTO: Shark

What is Shark FlexStyle?

The Shark FlexStyle is an ultra-versatile air styler that transforms from a powerful hairdryer to a styler with just a twist. Fast and lightweight, it helps you dry or style your hair without heat damage quickly. The sleek hairstyler comes with five attachments, allowing you to create many hairstyles and looks, speeding up the hair styling routine for any occasion. The tools are designed to curl, straighten, add volume, smooth, and dry all hair types.

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What the Shark Flexstyle does at a glance:

- Dries hair

- Increases smoothness up to 75% and shine up to 120% as compared to air drying

- Decreases frizz and flyaways using the finest boar bristles

- Styles hair: it curls, straightens and adds volume

The Shark Flexstyle comes in two colours, Black/Rose Gold (pictured) or Stone. PHOTO: Shark Flexstyle
The Shark Flexstyle comes in two colours, Black/Rose Gold (pictured) or Stone. PHOTO: Shark Flexstyle

First impressions

There are two colour options: Stone and Black/Rose Gold. Both are well-designed and look sleek as a hairstyling tool. I’m using the Stone colour, which is an elegant matte gold. Holding it in my hands, the product feels like a premium-quality product. The Shark Flexstyle comes in a handy, zipable storage box that allows for easy storage and helps to declutter your vanity table.

Weighing in at just under 700g, Shark FlexStyle is ultra-lightweight and comfortable to hold onto while styling. Just the weight and design of the hairdryer alone make for the perfect travel companion. While the hairdryer may be portable, bringing along five more attachments may add to the bulk and weight of your luggage, making the entire package unfeasible to bring for trips. However, its long cord proves to be a good feature when handling your hair. Its styler lock ensures accessories are properly and safely attached and detached.

The buttons were easy to operate and use, making hairstyling a cinch. PHOTO: Lazada
The buttons were easy to operate and use, making hairstyling a cinch. PHOTO: Lazada

What the five attachments do

i. The Styling concentrator styles and dries simultaneously

ii. Curl-defining diffuser provides fast, even drying from root to tip

iii. Auto-wrap curlers use Coanda Technology to wrap, curl, and set in seconds

iv. The paddle brush straightens and smooths all at once

v. Oval brush smooths and defrizz, on top of adding volume and bounce

So, how does the Shark Flexstyle work?

Swivel from an L-shaped (hairdryer format) to a vertical, and the gadget will operate as a multi-styler, attaching different barrels. One thing to note is that you must change out to the right or left barrel, depending on which side you are working on. I initially feared touching the barrels, fearing it would burn my fingers. This should be far from your concerns as there is a part where you can place your fingers to hold onto it. Moreover, clicking the attachments into place is very simple and intuitive. The magnetic closure ensures that it's snugly in place.

The Shark Flexstyle comes with safety instructions, a Styling Guide booklet and QR codes that you can scan to watch how-to videos. Even though I have had long hair for most of my life, I have remained a noob to curling my hair until the Shark Flexstyle. Suffice it to say I approached the hairstyling with some trepidation. I started scaring myself. Would my hair turn out terrible? Will I burn my hands? Will I burn my hair, which would result in chopping off the damaged locks? That's when the copious number of online styling videos and the Styling Guide booklet and Safety Instructions came in handy.

The Shark Flexstyle promises to deliver results for all hair types and lengths. PHOTO: Lazada
The Shark Flexstyle promises to deliver results for all hair types and lengths. PHOTO: Lazada

How to use the Shark Flexstyle multi-styler

I love how the brand uses a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to demonstrate how easy it is to get the gadget to achieve your desired looks. For fellow noobs, let me share the love. In 5 simple steps, here’s how to style your hair with the Shark Flexstyle, plus pro tips for easy navigation. Of course, before you even attempt styling your hair, make full use of the conveniences of technology and do yourself a favour by watching Shark Flexstyle’s product video before getting started.

Step 1:

On slightly damp hair, separate into top and bottom sections.

Pro-tip: Apply heat protection hair products such as Drybar The Sheriff Medium Hold Hairspray, Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray, Fekkai Clean Stylers Prime Mist Serum, or the Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist.

Pro-tip: Prepare hair clips or ties to help section hair in place to make it easier to grab sections of the hair.

Step 2:

Select the corresponding left or right barrel. Use the left barrel counterclockwise and vice versa for the right. Grab the middle of a half- to one-inch section of the hair, allowing the ends to dangle. Start from the bottom section of the hair from the left or the right, and work your way up.

Pro-tip: Grab a section of the hair that is of consistent length. Curl your hair in small portions to allow the Coanda Technology to adhere correctly to the lock to the barrel.

Step 3:

Turn on the styling wand and place the barrel behind the dangling ends. There is no need to wrap your hair manually. Just leave it to Coanda Technology to do its thing.

Pro-tip: Ensure the hair is 80% to 90% dry or 10% damp.

Step 4:

When the ends wrap, let go of the hair section and slowly bring the barrel to the roots, allowing the hair to continue to wrap around the barrel. There is no need to twist the wand.

Pro-tip: Be careful not to wound too closely to the ear or scalp as it can get hot.

Step 5:

Hold the barrel for 10 seconds, then press the Cool Shot button for another 10 seconds. Repeat as needed until hair is dry. Turn off the styling wand and pull the barrel straight down, unveiling beautiful curls. Leave hair for longer if you prefer tighter curls.

Pro-tip: Test the product using different moisture levels to understand the ideal moisture level that works best for your hair type.

The Coanda Technology wraps, curls and sets automatically. PHOTO: Lazada
The Coanda Technology wraps, curls and sets automatically. PHOTO: Lazada

Is Shark Flexstyle any good?

For someone who only has experience with hairdryers, ionic styling brushes and, at most, straighteners, I had some difficulty in learning how to use the multi-styler. The most challenging part for me was getting the hair to automatically wrap around the barrel. I watched and rewatched the how-to videos and tried and tried to bring my lock of hair closer to the barrel to no avail. It was after multiple attempts that I realized that I was too greedy. I had portioned too much of my hair. The Coanda Technology, which allows the hair to autowrap around the barrel, worked beautifully when I learnt to be more patient and started curling my hair a small lock by small lock. Even though most advised me to blowdry the hair till it was 80% dry, it was easier for me to curl my hair when it was 90% dry. The heat protectant mist I used probably added to the dampness of my hair. The rest, such as the buttons and attachments, proved intuitive to even newbies like me.

Is Shark Flexstyle less damaging for the hair?

Is there less heat damage with this device? It appears so. Rather than getting hotter as it runs, the brand claims that the technology behind the Shark FlexStyle measures and regulates temperatures 1,000 times per second to minimize heat exposure. The device ensures the air temperature for fast drying while maintaining low heat to ensure consistency. Isn't technological advancement amazing?

(From left) My hair is usually ramrod straight. The Shark Flexstyle offers me the option of attending events with a different look (right photo). PHOTO: Cadence Loh, Yahoo Life Singapore
(From left) My hair is usually ramrod straight. The Shark Flexstyle offers me the option of attending events with a different look. PHOTO: Cadence Loh, Yahoo Life Singapore

Do Shark Flexstyle curls last?

I opted for looser curls as they appear bouncier and more glamorous. The result was a more dressed-up hairdo, which I like. For the times when I did not apply any styling products, the curls appeared like slight waves, almost disappearing at the end of the day. To make the curls last, look to Aveda, Inkey List, or Ouai hair products. I was recommended Living Proof hair products.

What I wish could be better

If there is one gripe about the product, it has to be the noise level. I was concerned about how disturbing it could be for housemates still asleep. Not to mention the potential damage it could do to my eardrums. I hope for upcoming product innovation; the product developer can look into this.

What I love about the Shark Flexstyle

Having overcome the initial challenge of automatically getting the hair to wrap around the barrel, this beauty gadget is intuitive to use and performs as it claims. Best of all, there is no downtime in between styling. I could easily touch the barrels when switching from the left to right side, and it doesn't burn my hands. The multi barrels also allow for more hairstyling or blowdrying choices. For someone with straight hair, this beauty tool is a godsend to get me out of the usual boring styling rut. The results are voluminous, very natural curls akin to salon-styled hair.

Is Shark Flexstyle worth its price tag?

Shark Flexstyle is sure to give Dyson AirWrap a run for its money. With some retailers, such as Lazada and Amazon, selling it as low as S$425 (at the ongoing sale, before additional savings by using vouchers and selected credit cards), the newly launched Shark Flexstyle is at almost half the price of the Dyson AirWrap at S$859.

Having very similar features and benefits but at almost half the competitor's price, I look forward to seeing how innovation can further reduce consumer costs. If you are in the market for a hairdryer cum multi-styler, getting the Shark Flexstyle is a no-brainer. The Shark Flexstyle is set to be the best hair weapon you can own at a reasonable price tag.

Shark Flexstyle is available at Lazada | Shopee | Tangs | Amazon | Shark Ninja


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