Japanese 'calculator musicians' play songs on up to 7 calculators at one go

Japanese YouTuber Atarime uses up to seven calculators at a time to make music.
You can count on the Japanese to amaze us with their quirky talents.

Previously, we found a Japanese YouTuber who uses calculators as a musical instrument. She covered a variety of iconic songs like the theme songs of Super Mario and Pirates of The Caribbean, and even Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You!

It seems the number of “calculator-ists” has increased, with more people uploading their covers using two to four calculators. This time, we found another Japanese Youtuber who goes by the name of Atarime.


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In his video, Atarime used two different kinds of calculators (AR-8001 and AR7778) to accommodate for the sounds in the song. With his left hand doing the accompaniment, his right hand played the melody — pretty similar to the way the piano is played.

Some Japanese Twitter users found such an 8-bit sound nostalgic, saying it reminded them of the Famicon or Nintendo Gameboy. It was intriguing to watch Atarime play the tune coupled with a refreshing rhythm. He seemed to be enjoying himself too!

Apart from this, Atarime mostly covers Japanese pop songs or anime music. He even upped his game using 5, 6 and (yes, you didn’t see wrongly) 7 calculators!

This is a 5-calculator cover of Kenshi Yonezu’s Lemon from Japanese television drama Unnatural.

This is a 6-calculator cover of the theme song from the anime Detective Conan:

This is a 7-calculator cover of Godiego's The Galaxy Express 999 from the 1979 animated film of the same name:

To top it off, Atarime gained so much popularity online that he went on to perform on Nippon TV’s morning news programme ZIP! earlier this year.

The Japanese indeed never cease to amaze with their quirky talents!

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