Popular Japanese gay drama "Ossan’s Love" to return for second season

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Japanese gay drama series "Ossan's Love."
Japanese gay drama series "Ossan's Love."

Following its first season which made waves in conservative Japan, Ossan’s Love is taking the story to the skies with its new instalment. The second season, titled Ossan’s Love: In The Sky, is set to air on Saturday nights in Japan, starting 2 November 2019.

The gay drama will star Kei Tanaka and Kotaro Yoshida from the first season. But in addition to that, we will see new actors such as Yudai Chiba (known for his role in Way Too Kawaii) and Shigeyuki Totsugi (seen in various dramas and movies like Good Doctor and One Week Friends).


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Kei Tanaka will be reprising his role as Soichi Haruta, nicknamed affectionately as Harutan. The useless and unpopular salaryman had to change job due to restructuring, and found himself at an airline company as a flight attendant. With his kind-hearted and slightly silly nature, Haruta is moving into his popular phase in life.

On the other hand, Kotaro Yoshida who plays Musashi Kurosawa, will be taking on the role of a pilot. Kurosawa, who has feelings for Haruta, is called “The Great Captain” in the second season, for his excellent flying skills and personality. Well-trusted by many, Kurosawa is a figure Haruta greatly admires.

A strict but enthusiastic mentor Kurosawa versus a passionate and hardworking Haruta. The second season will see how the two come to understand and accept each other, and inadvertently fall in love.

Yudai Chiba will be acting as a young but capable co-pilot named Ryu Naruse, who works alongside Kurosawa. With a difficult personality and bad social skills, Naruse hated Haruta for being his complete opposite. But as the saying goes, opposites attract so who knows what will happen?

As for Shigeyuki Totsugi, he will be portraying the role of a mechanic named Kaname Shinomiya. He is the kind brother who lives next to Haruta in the employee dormitory, and often fills Haruta’s stomach with his meat-centric, manly dishes. They are on good terms whether at work or at home, but in actual fact, they are hiding a secret.

In the second season, it seems Haruta will be having a hell of a ride, torn among three men! But supporters of Ryota Maki (played by Kento Hayashi in the first season) are not so happy. Maki did not make it to this new instalment, which caused fans to air their grievances online:

“It is not a drama for enjoying watching Kei Tanaka. It is for watching Harutan and Maki,” said one dissatisfied fan.

Another said, “Many of us empathised with Maki and support him and his pure love with Haruta. Do you understand that?”

Fans will not see the continuation of the pure MakiHaru love in the new season, despite the official account saying, “Hope their happiness will last long.”

Others are disappointed that this so-called sequel is a totally different story. Some requested the drama team to change the Twitter account, and go so far as to unfollowing the account if they don’t change it.

Regardless, the drama team already made it clear that the story from the first season has ended with the movie. They will be moving on to a brand new world this winter.

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