Tokyo Disneyland to open massive new Fantasyland on 15 April 2020

CHIBA, Nov. 7, 2018 -- Disney characters perform on a float during the Christmas parade at Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba, Japan, on Nov. 7, 2018. (Xinhua/Du Xiaoyi) (Xinhua/Du Xiaoyi via Getty Images)
Disney's Beauty and the Beast characters perform on a float at Tokyo Disneyland. (Photo: Getty Images)

Recently, it was announced that Tokyo Disneyland’s “New Fantasyland” will open its doors to guests on 15 April next year. This large-scale development area, which evolved from expanding the existing Fantasyland, will feature the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and The Beast attraction and the indoor Fantasyland Forest Theatre. Tomorrowland and Toontown will also open their brand new additions on the same day as well.

With Disney’s Beauty and The Beast movie as the theme, “New Fantasyland” is set in Belle’s village. Guests can visit Belle’s father at Maurice’s Cottage, situated at the entrance of the village, to get their Fast Pass. Ahead of that is Gaston’s Fountain and various restaurants and shops. It is indeed a step into a tale as old as time!


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Towards the forest stands the towering Beauty and The Beast Castle, which houses the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and The Beast attraction. Guests can dance to the iconic song along with that romantic scene in the movie in this ride.

Moving past the forest, you will arrive at Tokyo Disneyland’s first and most authentic indoor theatre named Fantasyland Forest Theatre. Be sure to catch Mickey Mouse and friends’ live performance there!

Over at Tomorrowland, Baymax will take you on an unpredictable and fun journey as you hop on The Happy Ride with Baymax. The Big Pop, a popcorn shop with an outer space theme, will also be coming to Tomorrowland. On the other hand, Toontown will be welcoming fashion designer Minnie Mouse, where guests can meet her in person at Minnie’s Style Studio.

Since the renovation started in April 2017, 75 billion yen (about S$960 million) worth of investments have been pumped in. Tokyo Disneyland’s unprecedented and biggest development is finally going to make more dreams come true next April.

Belle and The Beast from movie "Beauty & The Beast", photo
Belle and The Beast from movie "Beauty & The Beast", photo
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