Ah Boys To Men actor Maxi Lim’s wedding being investigated for possible COVID-19 breaches

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Ah Boys To Men actor Maxi Lim’s wedding being investigated for possible COVID-19 breaches

SINGAPORE – Ah Boys To Men actor Maxi Lim and influencer wife Lizy Teo recently held their wedding reception on Sunday (Dec 20), but are now under probe for potential COVID-19 breaches. Some of their attendees had allegedly ignored safety management measures.

In March, the couple decided to postpone their wedding reception as the COVID-19 pandemic had started worsening. Writing on Instagram, Lim said it was “not an easy decision to postpone our wedding this weekend. But Liz and I (sic) decided that it is the most socially responsible thing to do.”

Finally holding their reception at One Degree 15 Marina in Sentosa Cove, the event is now under probe for possible breaching of safe management measures.

In the photos and videos posted on social media, Lim’s friends and fellow cast members of Ah Boys To Men such as Joshua Tan, Noah Yap, and Charlie Goh, along with other guests at the reception were seen playing games onstage without wearing masks.

Wedding guests were also seen intermingling between the different tables and not wearing face masks or face shields. A reader had tipped off The New Paper (TNP) on Tuesday and had also complained to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) after seeing the social media posts.

The reader told TNP that he had recently held his wedding and is aware that the guidelines may put a damper on the joyous occasion. “However, just like other couples who got married during this period, we know the importance of these guidelines and many of us, with constant reminders from the venue provider, followed (them) despite all the inconveniences. To see a public figure ignoring such guidelines, blatantly is disheartening. It is also ironic to see public figures breaking the rules when they had been advocating the public to observe safe management measures.” he added.

Under current safe management rules, wedding receptions cannot exceed 100 people and must be split across multiple zones of up to 50 people. Wedding receptions with over 20 attendees must be divided into a designated wedding party of up to 20 people, including the bride and groom, and the remaining wedding guests into groups of up to five people.

Groups and the wedding party must observe a safe distance of at least one metre at all times, including photo-taking times. Live performances are not allowed during receptions, and the emcees are required to wear face shields or masks when speaking on stage.

STB director of hotel and sector manpower Tan Yen Nee told TNP in a statement that they are aware of the allegations and are currently investigating the potential breaches.

Said Ms Tan: “STB... takes a serious view of any breach in safe management measures within hotel premises... Strict enforcement action will be taken against errant businesses or individuals, which may include fines, temporary closure and prosecution to the full extent of the law.”

One Degree 15 Marina’s acting general manager Jonathan Sit shared that its operations team will brief the couple and wedding coordinators on the necessary measures before any wedding. Games, singing and shouting are all prohibited.

“Should there be breaches during the wedding, our staff and managers will immediately tell the guests and even the wedding couple to stay in their seats,” he added.

TNP had also noted that Sit did not specify if the club’s management had carried out the enforcement measures during Lim’s wedding reception. He had also not directly address their questions on the alleged breaches.

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