Women On Top: Stephanie Dickson, founder of Green Is The New Black

Founder of Green Is The New Black website and festival, Stephanie Dickson. (PHOTO: Stephanie Dickson)
Founder of Green Is The New Black website and festival, Stephanie Dickson. (PHOTO: Stephanie Dickson)

SINGAPORE — As consumers are getting more aware of their consumption habits, climate change and sustainable efforts, one woman is hoping to make a difference through education: her name is Stephanie Dickson, and she is the founder of greenisthenewblack.com/ website.


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Stephanie first launched the annual Conscious Festival in 2015, and she recently expanded it to Hong Kong last year. After the green festival, the Australian-Scottish expat then expanded to online content and an advisory arm, to empower people to make a conscious change.

“Most people think that a conscious living is more expensive and that it’s inconvenient. And for us, we’re always tackling these questions because it can be very convenient, and you don’t have to give up your ‘modern day life’. I think that’s a lot of the things that people struggle with, when they’re talking about sustainability or conscious living,” Stephanie shared.

For the last episode of “Women On Top”, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore spoke to founder Stephanie on the challenges of running green events and a website concurrently as well as how people can take steps to be better informed about conscious living.

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