Women On Top: Denise Law, founder of Tumbleweed

SINGAPORE — Plant designer Denise Law, 32, opened her first plant store on Joo Chiat Road in September 2017. Her mission was simple: to inspire people to create stylish indoor plant displays. At her store, she spends time with customers to advise and educate them on topics ranging from plant care to pairing beautiful designed pots.


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Tumbleweed in Joo Chiat. (Photo Facebook)
Tumbleweed in Joo Chiat. (Photo Facebook)

This year, Denise has opened her second store in hip Tiong Bahru, with the idea of importing more new products into the store. It’s not just her who’s greeting customers; stepping into the shop, customers will also be greeted by a friendly and talkative yellow love bird.

For the fourth episode of “Women On Top”, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore spoke to founder and plant designer Denise on the challenges of running a brick-and-mortar as well as her plans to expand in the near future.

‘Women On Top’ is a series focusing on women entrepreneurs who initiate, innovate and run their own businesses whether individually or in collaboration with others. These trailblazers seem to do it all with grace, establishing their enterprise while balancing their personal, social and family life.