Women On Top: Kamini Ramachandram of MoonShadow Stories

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Kamini in storytelling mode. (PHOTO: MoonShadow Stories)
Kamini in storytelling mode. (PHOTO: MoonShadow Stories)

SINGAPORE — Folklore, folktales and storytelling - most of us grew up with tales told by family members, teachers and friends. But have you wondered about a story and its purpose, and most of all, the storyteller who aims to preserve the act of storytelling?


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Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore speaks to Kamini Ramachandran, 50, a storyteller extraordinaire, who's charmed us with her presentation of the oral tradition narrative and preserving indigenous stories.

As a professional storyteller for over 20 years, Kamini began as a solo artist first, honing her craft, before registering a business entity for administrative purposes. She picked up her trait from her late grandfather, who was also a storyteller - not just carrying the weight of words, but internal knowledge of a story and its purpose.

Kamini even travels to small villages in Asia, where she spends her time with Orang Asli tribes to learn about their stories, and carrying them into the modern world.

She recently participated in a sensory storytelling performances for Artwalk Little India 2019 as well as The Arts House’s Night of Terrifying Tales event.

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