SNSD’s Tiffany Glad to Go From a 15 Second Singer to a 75 Second Singer

Going from nine members to three means increased singing time for the members of the SNSD unit, Taetiseo, but Tiffany isn’t complaining about her expanded singing time.

On the May 22 broadcast of KBS’ Lee Sora’s Second Proposal the Taetiseo members came to the music program to perform and hold a chat session with MC Lee Sora.

During the interview, Lee Sora asked if it wasn’t difficult for the Taetiseo members to have gone from singing as a nine-member group to a three-member group.

Taeyeon expressed she had some difficulties saying, “This is the first time I’ve worried about my throat’s condition since I debuted. Our parts became that much longer. It was enough for my throat to sometimes get a little hoarse.”

Member Tiffany though revealed she was loving every moment of her expanding singing time saying, “I’ve long wanted to have more parts and looked forward to this unit album so I’m enjoying my singing with a grateful heart. When we were nine members I sang about 15 seconds. This time I sing for a minute and 15 seconds so I’m delightfully thankful.”

Photo credit: KBS

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