Ruhil Amani confirms divorce from husband Jamil Wilson

29 Sep - Ruhil Amani recently confirmed that she and husband Jamil Wilson have actually called it quits on their marriage for four years now.

The singer, who had been keeping mum about the divorce throughout that amount of time, stated that she decided to do so in order to protect her children.

"Ariana was just 15 at the time and was preparing for an important exam, while my son Raayan was only around 8," she said. "My focus was to ensure they can adapt to the situation, since a divorce is never fair for any kid."

Ruhil stated that she finally decided to come clean about her status after being bombarded by questions about it in recent years.

"After discussing with my kids, I decided to talk about it today in order to avoid any misunderstanding that can lead to slander," she added.

Despite her willingness to admit to the divorce, Ruhil said that she will not share the reason why their marriage ended as it has been a while since it happened.

Ruhil tied the knot with the Australian musician in 2003. The two are parents to Ruhil Ariana, now 19 and Raayan Alexander, who is now 12.

 Ruhil married James Wilson in 2003
Ruhil married James Wilson in 2003

(Photo Source: myMetro, mStar)