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Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase review. It's 61% off now!

This simple, and affordable sleeping hack will smoothen your skin and hair when you wake up.

Robinsons' Hotel Collection & Core Collection towels are drapped over a bathtub.
Robinsons' Hotel Collection & Core Collection are on sale now. PHOTO: Robinsons

I have a terrible habit of squishing my face against the pillow and bolster during sleep. Over time, I have noticed how it has formed fine lines around my eye area. It is a hard habit to break since it was developed in childhood. My hair has also become increasingly drier, frizzier and thinner, no thanks to the regular hair dyes I have subjected my hair to.

For years, I have heard of a simple hack circling the beauty industry and, of course, trending on TikTok – to change out of cotton pillowcases with silk ones. Celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Nicole Kidman have attested to its skin and hair benefits. Recently, a colleague who was gifted silk pillowcases recommended me to head to Robinsons to get the same one a beauty lover recommended to her.

I got my silk pillowcases from the Hotel Collection, exclusive to Robinsons. Psst, they are having a time-limited 61% discount now. There's more, buy 1 at only S$59.90, buy 2 at only S$95. But hurry, this promotion is valid for a limited period only! See promotions and code below for extra discounts!

Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack

Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack. PHOTO: Robinsons
Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack. PHOTO: Robinsons

Buy Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcases at Robinsons

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Why silk?

Before using the silk pillowcase, I researched relentlessly. Article after article with clinical trial evidence merely reinforced what I have heard – that silk pillowcases could change the game for smoother skin and hair. Besides looking and feeling luxurious (think silk pyjamas), using silk pillowcases come with a whole host of benefits. TL;DR, silk, unlike cotton, does not absorb the expensive skincare you layer on before sleep.

In addition, because the fabric is softer and smoother, it causes less friction on the skin and hair. And because silk is naturally cooler (as compared to cotton, our default choice of bedlinen), this also helps provide an ideal sleep condition in our humidity.

First impressions

When I first received the Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase (twin pack), I was happy with the nifty little box with a three-year warranty stamp. Three years warranty, fancy that! The box measures 16cm by 10cm and makes an excellent gift for someone special. But then, an idea popped into my head. I could bring it overseas when renting an Airbnb or hostel with none of that five-star hotel comfort. After all, silk pillowcases weigh almost next to nothing and are not bulky at all.

According to the Robinsons' website, the product helps reduce bed hair with its "ultra-low friction silk surface [that] tames bed hair" and has beauty enhancing features that are "anti-ageing, reduces fine lines, [and] hydrates skin”. Best of all, because it is made of mulberry silk – the highest quality silk – it is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to allergens. Another plus for those who are prone to allergies, like me!

The nifty gift box makes the silk pillowcase an ideal luxury gift for that someone special.
The nifty gift box makes the silk pillowcase an ideal luxury gift for someone special. PHOTO: Cadence Loh, Yahoo Life Singapore


This one ingredient restored my eczema skin, and I can face the world again!

And now, for a good night’s sleep

I immediately changed out my cotton pillowcases to these brand-new silk ones. It comes two-sided: one with 100% Mulberry silk and 100% cotton on the other. I could feel a stark difference when I put my head to rest. First, it was much softer and smoother than all the cotton bedlinens I have tried. As someone who does not sleep with the air-conditioning every night, I could feel a significant temperature difference – the pillow felt cooler even after lying on it the entire night.

I initially thought that the manufacturer must be trying to save some production cost by using the one-side silk, one-side cotton design. However, as I tried the pillow in different sleeping postures, I realised that the anti-slip cotton side does help to keep the pillow in place. Brilliant!

Add a touch of luxury to your home with Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack. PHOTO: Robinsons
Add a touch of luxury to your home with Robinsons Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack. PHOTO: Robinsons

The next morning: Do silk pillowcases actually make a difference?

I won’t say the results are significant, and I won’t wax lyrical about how beautiful my hair has become and how I can finally take a ‘I woke up like this’ photo. I will, however, attest to the luxury feel of the silk pillowcase, both by looks and by feel. As for my skin, side sleepers would be glad to know that we can reduce the probability of having marks on our faces due to hours of pressing our face on our pillow. Of course, with these silk pillowcases, I have not experienced any marks I sometimes see in the morning. With long-term use, I can now put new wrinkles at bay with my poor sleeping posture. And also not waste the expensive lotions I apply on my face nightly! Hair-wise, I notice they are slightly less unruly when I wake up.

A few days after trying out the product, I was surprised my husband voluntarily told me that the new pillowcase was much softer, smoother and more comfortable than our previous bedlinens. He's no beauty junkie and cares for his skin much less than I hope he would. But when it comes to his hair, be it on his head, face or body, it is a different matter altogether. He prefers spending money grooming his hair. So imagine his delight when I told him what the silk pillowcase could do for his hair. He's sold!

Is it tedious to care for?

One of my main concerns was caring for the silk pillowcase. However, looking at the product care instructions, I was relieved that I did not need to hand wash the product. No dry cleaning is required too! Machine washing on delicate cycles in a soft wash bag suffices. Phew!

The cleaning process was done not without any trepidation. Having shrunk a beautiful silk dress in my washer before, I was apprehensive but decided to make my life easier. So a week later, I threw my new silk pillowcases into a laundry bag, set my washer on delicate mode to get it clean. I'm happy to report that the fabric stayed in place and did not lose its lustre or smoothness. So what do other users say about the product?

Peaceful serene beautiful Asian woman lying on comfortable bed with pillows in white bedding in light bedroom in morning. Korean girl enjoying good healthy sleep, wellness concept, above top view.
A good night's sleep is now possible with a simple hack. PHOTO: Robinsons

Reviews from customers

I generally look to reviews to ensure I get what I pay for and also to find out if it has any limitations. True enough, this product is constantly getting 5-star ratings on the website.

One satisfied customer gave it a 5-star rating and said:

“Love using this Silk Pillowcase. The "No More Bed Hair" benefit really works for me. 100% cotton on the reverse side is also a good stuff it makes the case stay in place unlike other products.”

Another one also gave it a 5-star review, said:

“Wish I had known earlier how nice real silk felt on my face!”

One shopper said:

This pillow is fantastic, I can use the cotton side when I feel like cotton and the silk side when I feel like silk. Really great pillowcase, will buy again, thanks for inventing it.”

However, there were a couple of reviewers who gave it a lower rating:

One customer wasn’t aware of the single-sided silk design and said:

“Only one side is silk.”

So always be aware of precisely what you are paying for. Should both sides be made of silk, the pillowcase may be too slippery.

An anonymous reviewer said:

“Silk pillow case was not soft at all… very disappointing ):”

Everyone has differing expectations. Perhaps it may help if the anonymous reviewer replaces his/her pillow with a softer one?

The Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcases comes in three colourways: Soft Blue, Indigo Blue and Silver Silk. PHOTO: Robinsons
The Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcases comes in three colourways: Soft Blue, Indigo Blue and Silver Silk. PHOTO: Robinsons

What could have been better

The silk pillowcase measures 50cm x 76cm (or 20 inches by 30 inches) and comes in only one size. As my pillow does not conform to the standard pillow size of the silk pillowcase, there’s some additional flap while using it. Aesthetics-wise, it also does not look fitting on the bed. However, this is just one minor inconvenience I choose to live with. The Robinsons Hotel Collection Contour Memory Foam Pillow (now at almost 50% off) is a perfect fit.

Another thing the manufacturer could improve on is the number of colourways. If people buy silk pillowcases to replace their existing cotton pillowcases that come with their cotton bedsheets, there should be more colour selection so that we have more options to mix and match. Available in only three colours: Soft Blue, Indigo Blue and Silver Silk; finding a colour that matches the aesthetics of my other bedlinen and bedroom is significantly limiting. Eventually, I went with Silver Silk, which seemed the most neutral choice.

However, the product benefits outweigh the limited colour options. These silk pillowcases are for those looking for a simple change to elevate their beauty and sleeping game.

Buy Hotel Collection Silk Pillowcases at Robinsons

At Robinsons online, you enjoy free delivery with a minimum purchase of S$150. Grab two sets of these silk pillowcases to change them out weekly. There, clean sheets = healthy skin!

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