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Zenyum dentist shares scary truth about overbrushing & how to best brush your teeth

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Our eyes may be the windows to our soul, but our teeth are equally important when it comes to not just our looks but also our health. Did you know that dental health is directly related to heart health? Yahoo Life Singapore got a dental professional, Dr Lou Yii Ping, Vice President of Dentistry at Zenyum, who has more than a decade of experience in orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, to share with us the tips for having clean teeth, ways to counteract sensitive teeth, the hazards of overbrushing, the correct way to use an electric toothbrush and more. Read on to find out how you can enhance the health of your pearlie whites and get a brighter smile.

Overall, using an electric toothbrush helps promote better oral health by slowing down the build-up of dental calculus that eventually causes gum disease.Dr Lou Yii Ping

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Yahoo Life Singapore: Do electric toothbrushes provide a better cleaning experience than manual ones? How so?

Dr Lou: If a patient has abrasion patterns along the outer surface of their teeth near the gums, it's a sign that they have been overbrushing. As a result, they're also more likely to have sensitive teeth. When a patient raises these concerns during a dental consultation, I usually ask them, "Do you use a manual toothbrush?" And they say yes about 95% of the time! We may overbrush when we need to brush sufficiently or when our mouth needs to feel cleaner.

One solution to prevent overbrushing is to use an electric toothbrush, like our ZenyumSonic, instead of a manual toothbrush. It helps eliminate plaque and food more effectively than manual brushing, leading to less time and pressure needed for cleaner teeth. In the long run, your teeth will experience less abrasion from brushing, which may help prevent teeth sensitivity too.

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Could you walk us through how to use an electric toothbrush? How hard should we press? How long should we remain on each tooth?

Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your brush head and place the electric toothbrush in your mouth before you turn it on. After that, select your preferred cleaning mode and brush away!

A good practice is to focus on one section of your mouth for 30 seconds at a time when brushing. The ZenyumSonic electric toothbrush has an automated timer to help you do just that! Start with your top row of teeth, focusing on the back teeth on the right, and work your way to the other side. Then repeat these steps for the bottom row of teeth. When brushing, use your electric toothbrush to gently clean all three surfaces of each tooth gently, moving your brush from one side to the top and then to the other.

The best part about using an electric toothbrush is that you only need to apply gentle pressure to your teeth! Of course, if you feel that your teeth aren't clean enough, you can increase the intensity of the vibrations by selecting a different mode. But it's still best to brush your teeth gently by gliding it over your teeth. We should brush our teeth twice a day with flossing in between.


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What difference can electric toothbrushes make to our dental routine?

An electric toothbrush is an excellent addition to your dental routine and can transform this tedious chore into something fun! The automatic timer ensures you're brushing your teeth effectively and for sufficient time. Multiple cleaning modes also help customise your brushing experience based on your daily needs.

Overall, using an electric toothbrush helps promote better oral health by slowing down the build-up of dental calculus that eventually causes gum disease. In return, your dentist will be highly pleased with your daily maintenance regime the next time you are booked in for your routine dental scaling appointment!

It's generally recommended to replace the brush head of your electric toothbrush every three to four months or when the bristles become frayed.Dr Lou Yii Ping

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Do we still need to use mouthwash or dental floss after brushing with electric toothbrushes?

Brushing regularly with an electric toothbrush can help remove plaque and food debris around your teeth. However, it's better to include flossing and mouthwash in your daily ritual for a healthier smile. Flossing helps remove food stuck in between your teeth that will eventually lead to tooth decay if not removed. An innovative device like the water flosser helps to dislodge food from underneath the contact points of your teeth and around the gums. Like the Zenyum Waterflosser Pro, the slim head attached to the device produces a powerful stream of water, helping users reach difficult areas in their mouth. On the other hand, mouthwash is helpful for breath freshening, maintaining gum health and preventing tooth decay, especially during braces treatment.

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How do ZenyumSonic Gentle Clean Brush Heads enhance our dental routine? Which group of people can benefit from this?

The ZenyumSonic Gentle Clean Brush Heads offer several unique features that can improve your oral health routine. With slim and soft bristles, they massage gums and clean tight spaces between teeth, with bristles measuring just 0.101mm in thickness. Its U-shaped brush contour also adapts to the curves of the teeth and gums for a gentler, more efficient clean. Moreover, the flexible brush neck reduces pressure on gums, making them suitable for those with over-brushing habits or gum concerns.

Zenyum brush heads in five different colours.
Zenyum brush heads. PHOTO: Zenyum

How often should one replace the brush head of their electric toothbrush?

It's generally recommended to replace the brush head of your electric toothbrush every three to four months or when the bristles become frayed. Over time, bristles can become less effective at removing plaque and bacteria and may even cause damage to teeth and gums if they become too worn out. The brush heads on the ZenyumSonic are easy to replace. Pull out the old brush head, attach a new one by aligning the bristles to face the front, and press it firmly down.

How do I know if I am brushing my teeth too hard? And what can I do about it?

Sometimes, signs like sudden teeth sensitivity and gum irritation or inflammation may indicate that you're brushing your teeth too hard. When these happen, booking an appointment with your dentist to check your teeth is always best.

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