Rice-A-Roni Just Released a New Item Perfect for Lunch, Dinner, or Late-Night Snack

It’s coming for Kraft!



Some nights, like last night, I spend time peeling and thinly slicing potatoes, creating a cheesy sauce from scratch, and dicing up leftover ham—all to make cheesy scalloped potatoes that take almost two hours from start to finish. Other nights, I rip open a box of mac and cheese with powdered cheese sauce and cook it up in 15 minutes. I may or may not eat it right out of the pot at my desk.

That mac and cheese usually comes from Kraft's famous blue box, but that blue box has some interesting new competition from Rice-A-Roni. I don't know why Rice-A-Roni hasn't gone this route before, if only because the name makes so much sense.

It's called—wait for it—Mac-A-Roni. You have to wonder how long the idea has been batted around the Rice-A-Roni new product development offices and why this hasn't happened sooner. But it's happening now.

Rice-A-Roni’s New Mac-A-Roni Dinners

I've never liked a boxed macaroni and cheese brand more than Kraft (at least in the same price range), but I’ll be hunting down Rice-A-Roni’s new versions to see what my family thinks. The four new cheesy pasta varieties include Creamy Cheddar and Creamy White Cheddar Mac-A-Roni and Simply Pure Deliciousness (no artificial flavors) Three Cheese and White Cheddar Mac-A-Roni.



They're cooked on the stovetop, similar to how you would prepare the blue box mac and cheese. Boil the pasta, drain, and then add milk, butter, and the Mac-A-Roni powdered cheese packets. They can also be cooked in the microwave, making them excellent late-night fuel for a college dorm study session.

If they aren't already, these should be showing up on store shelves soon. It will be interesting to see if they can give Kraft Mac and Cheese a run for its money.

And don't forget, no matter which boxed mac and cheese you choose, you don't have to stick with the recipe on the back. These pantry staples can be the jumping-off point for several quick dinners that start with a box of mac and cheese

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