$0.30 Lok Lok with free-flow Mala, Tomato & Tom Yum soup at Mount Austin

Here is another reason to cross the border: sinful skewers of lok lok from just $0.30! This amazing deal is available at Xiao Xiang Zi at Mount Austin, the perfect spot for your late-night cravings.

Make this the last stop on your Johor Bahru day trip itinerary!

Xiao Xiang Zi - Storefront

Plastered with vintage posters and hanging neon signs, the vibrant store exudes an inviting retro atmosphere with a modern touch. And those who loveee music will be thrilled to find out that Xiao Xiang Zi has live band performances to amp up your dining experience.

Back to the lok lok.

Xiao Xiang Zi - Lok Lok

All at an incredibly budget-friendly price of $0.30 (RM1), their mouthwatering range of lok lok options are stored in chillers to ensure optimal freshness. Immediately deep-fried upon order, the variety includes savoury Smoked Duck, Coin Pork Meat and Cheese Hotdog, as well as Brocolli, Pork and Enoki Mushroom and Chinese Seafood Tofu.

Do not miss their juicy Tiger Prawns and Pandan Chicken that features a fragrant layer of pandan leaves as well. If you are feeling bougie, you may also choose to opt for recommended items like Chicken/ Pork Skewer, Beef Skewer or Lamb Skewer. Regardless, prices are capped at less than $2. Tempting or what?

Fun fact. Do you know that the definition of lok lok is “to dip“? It is also a popular Malaysian street food that is commonly available in the evenings.

Xiao Xiang Zi - Mala

I guess that it is fitting to share that the store is open till 1am or 2am! What’s more, Xiao Xiang Zi offers refillable soup bases (from $3.69, RM12.90) to dip your unctuous food in. Ranging from Mild Spicy to Crazy Spicy, their Mala is a best-selling that packs a fiery punch. Their addictive soups also consist of Tom Yum and Ratten Pepper Oil as well as Herbal Soup and Tomato Soup for the spice-intolerant (me, again).

I don’t think I can handle the Mild Spicy heat at all. Can you?

You know the drill. Aside from lok lok, Xiao Xiang Zi also has a selection of succulent seafood such as Extra Large Tiger Prawns ($2.58, RM9)Extra Large Scallops ($5.16, RM18) and Garlic Oysters ($13.76, RM48).

Xiao Xiang Zi - Mala

ANDDD wash it all down with a refreshing pint of GuinnessHeineken (both $5.16, RM18) or the malty-sweet Chinese Tsingtao Beer ($5.44, RM19). Burp.

Fellow lok lok comrades unite, we are crossing over tonight.

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