Grab Peach Garden’s $5 peking duck with no catch for anniversary

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant is celebrating its 22nd anniversary with an outstanding offer that will appeal to foodies from all over. Mark your calendars: as part of the festivities, Peach Garden is selling their famed Peking duck for only S$5 – no catches or surprises!

Peach Garden - Peking duck poster

This unique special is available starting now till further notice to commemorate the restaurant’s anniversary. It’s a first-come, first-serve affair that is valid from Mon to Thu, dinner time only. Not only that, but there will only be 22 ducks available per day per outlet and reservations are required. This is Peach Garden’s way of saying thank you to its customers who have supported the restaurant throughout the years.

Peach Garden - First Culinary Roasted Peking Duck
Peach Garden - First Culinary Roasted Peking Duck

For those first-timers having Peking duck, it’s no casual affair. You first start off with the biscuit-like crispy skin of the duck. The skin is sliced and usually served with a small amount of meat attached.

Diners can enjoy these slices with a dab of hoisin sauce, then wrap them in a thin pancake along with strips of scallion and cucumber. The combination of crispy skin, soft thin pancakes, fresh vegetables, and savoury sauce creates a perfect balance of textures and flavours.

What do you do with the leftover meat, you may ask. Well, the second preparation for the duck is also only at S$5 (U.P. S$20) and it can be chopped up for you to munch on or also fried with Ee Fu noodles to complete the meal.

For a list of all the locations, contact numbers and operating hours, please click here.

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