Men, let's talk about health🍎

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Asian man standing on the hilltop.
Asian man standing on the hilltop.

You know how it is. Men are not known to be as vocal as women when talking about personal stuff, let alone health matters. 14 – 20 June marks the International Men's Health Week (IMHW). The IMHW aims to highlight men's health and advocate changes to men-related health policies and practices. Since its inception in the US in 1994, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and beyond have joined the talk.

Closer to home, are you, or someone dear to you, having problems raising the topic of health and wellness? Let us delve a little into normalising the talk surrounding men’s wellness. Yahoo Shopping shares where you can get a customised health supplements pack, aromatherapy or masterclasses that may help the men in your life regain some balance in their lives.

Let’s normalise the chat about wellness

Do you have difficulty broaching the subject about health to the men who are dear to you? There’s no shame in admitting that we need a little help with our mental wellness. If you have been struggling alone, try a different approach. Why not attempt an online art journaling class or working out what’s troubling you with creative prompts and exercises for better mental health.

Mental Health Art Journaling

Mental Health Journal for Men: Creative Prompts, $25.27

Try aromatherapy to lift your spirits

Eat well

Besides a healthy lifestyle, learn how to nourish your body with the right foods with a masterclass. There’s nothing like taking your health into your own hands.

Meal Planning Masterclass: Create your own meal plan

Learn how your body works

You know your strengths and weaknesses well. But do you truly understand how your body works? Try this masterclass that’s targeted to boost your health and energy and improve your workouts.

Hormone Health & Testosterone Masterclass

Take up a customised health plan

Did you know that by taking a simple quiz, Vitable, a supplements company in Australia, is able to customise a daily compostable vitamin pack that's tailored to your goals, lifestyle and diet. Prices start from just $1 a day, and the best part about the pack is that it is adjustable any time. Take the quiz today! Free shipping for orders above S$61. If you are concerned about sustainability, you will be glad to know that Vitable supplements come in compostable packages.

Enhance your immunity with probiotics

Multi-vitamins for everyday good health

Nothing can replace a balanced diet rich in all the essential vitamins. But sometimes, we need a little push to eat healthier to reap the most out of our day.

Sports, Men's Active Sports Multi, 180 soft gels, S$34.46

Opti-Men, 90 tablets, S$32.32

Men's MultiStart, Vitamin A Day for Men, 120 tablets, S$19.17

Alive! Men's Energy, Multivitamin-Multimineral, 50 tablets, S$14.73

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