Kenneth Ma doesn't mind being Ruco Chan's replacement



20 Mar – Kenneth Ma recently admitted that he doesn't mind at all the fact that he was producer Jazz Boon's second choice to play the lead in the latter's new drama, "The Invisibles".

In an interview with Mingpao, the TVB actor shared that the role was originally written for Ruco Chan, who is Jazz's frequent collaborator, before it was given to him.

"I was working in mainland China at the time and Jazz contacted me. I immediately halted my work and rushed back to Hong Kong to shoot," he said.

As to why the role was given to him instead, Kenneth said that he has no idea and didn't ask.

"But it is normal for the company to replace actors. In the past, there were also dramas that I was supposed to star in but was eventually given to other actors. I don't mind [being second choice]. After so many years, I understand. Plus, if the script is good, I wouldn't even mind being the third choice!" he said.

Despite having him in the lead, Kenneth said Ruco still appeared in the drama in a cameo role.

"We worked in "The Other Truth" before, and I am happy to be given the opportunity to work with him again after 12 years," he added.


The role was originally written for Ruco Chan
The role was originally written for Ruco Chan


(Photo Source: Kenneth Ma IG, Ruco Chan IG)