INTERVIEW: TV star Jade Seah raises awareness on depression and resilience amid pandemic

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
(PHOTO: Jade Seah)

SINGAPORE – Singaporean TV-radio-host-and-emcee Jade Seah is not taking it easy since the circuit breaker started in April and has been busy dispensing useful advice on mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While pursuing a course in positive psychology, Seah has been planning a series of digital sessions on living a happier and more meaning life.

Initially, the outgoing Seah found it difficult to come to terms with practising social distancing by staying at home, but she overcame her panic within the first week of the circuit breaker period, which is slated to end on 1 June.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA, Seah said, “It has honestly been such an interesting period of personal growth for me. I started the circuit breaker almost in a panic the first week, but six weeks on, I am almost thankful for this unprecedented time.

“As an extreme extrovert, it was truly difficult at the start not being able to go out and meet friends. But it has forced me to look within and start to really enjoy my own company.”

By the second week of the circuit breaker, Seah decided to cast her worries aside and “use this gifted time wisely and not let it go to waste”.

Seah, who is currently taking a year-long diploma in applied Positive Psychology, had planned workshops together with model Sheila Sim and Claire Ong of The Positive Movement last month, which were postponed because of the pandemic.

The trio have since organised and run digital ‘live sessions’ twice weekly, covering topics like resilience, conflict management, and depression. “It has been wonderful to see the community tripled in size since our very first session, and even more heartening to read the kind feedback shared by participants on how they have found the sessions helpful. Come join us if you have time!” Seah added.

The Zoom ‘live sessions’ occur every Wednesday 12.30pm and Saturday 9pm.

Seah also conducts a weekly ‘live' podcast session with Stephen Lew, founder of The School of Positive Psychology.

“We have discussed ideas on how to be and stay motivated, optimism, and how it can be learned and increased and also talked about resilience, one of my pet areas of interest,” Seah shared. The next session of the podcast is this Friday (22 May) at 9pm, 'live' across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Even as Seah plans the sharing sessions, she has been able to find time to reorganise her domestic life.

The media personality has been decluttering her apartment, saying that she has been planning to do so for a long time. “It has been challenging, and I have broken down at points, but the hardest parts are done and I am excited to finish the total house declutter before the end of the circuit breaker.”

As part of her decluttering process, Seah read up on ‘minimalism’ to inspire herself to clear out her unwanted possessions. “I have become more interested in this area, and have been implementing some of its principles in my life. One of these is to be more conscious and mindful of the things I allow into my life and to take the time to appreciate the ones I have chosen,” she shared.

When asked if she would grow vegetables at home, Seah laughed at the idea, “Growing my own vegetables? I don't even eat greens, haha!”

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