'Goblin' actor Lee Dong-wook at opening of flagship Gentle Monster store in Singapore

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
Lee Dong-wook at the opening of the Gentle Monster store in Singapore

South Korean actor Lee Dong-wook was back in Singapore for his second visit this year, this time to attend the opening of Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster’s first Southeast Asian flagship boutique store at ION Orchard on Tuesday (26 Sept).

Dressed in a grey suit and yellow t-shirt, the 35-year-old’s outfit for the night looked similar to the one he wore for his open press conference back in April (at first glance), just with a different coloured shirt and dark shades.

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The opening party of the Gentle Monster store in Singapore was also attended by local celebrities such as Joanne Peh, Lee Teng, Xu Bin, Derrick Hoh, Kelly Poon, Shigga Shay, Rozz Lee, and Hayley and Jayley Woo.

Founded in 2011, the label is known for its funky eyewear designs as well as their themed retail spaces in Shanghai, New York, and various locations in South Korea.

The Singapore flagship store is named “samsara”, which means “cycle of life” in Sanskrit. In the retail store, there are five different “zones” that showcase Gentle Monster’s reimagining of the “cycle of life”.

Lee played the iconic Grim Reaper in the hit Korean drama series “Goblin”, and was lauded for his performance alongside Gong Yoo’s titular “Dokkaebi”, Kim Shin.

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