Lee Dong-wook reveals he ad-libbed ‘Goblin’ kiss scene at Singapore fan meet

Elizabeth Tong
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Lee Dong-wook at his Singapore fan-meet (Photo: IME Singapore)

Korean actor Lee Dong-wook’s highly-rated “Goblin” kiss scene with co-star Yoo In-na wasn’t originally in the script, the actor told the audience at his first fan meeting in Singapore.

During his “For My Dear” Asia tour on Saturday (15 April), the 35-year-old was shown the Singaporean fans’ favourite scenes from “Goblin”, one of which was when Lee’s Grim Reaper shared a cute kiss with his love interest, Sunny, in their next life. Lee explained  that the original script did not include a kiss and it was actually an ad-lib included by the actors.

Speaking in Korean, Lee said, “The Grim Reaper and Sunny hardly had any of those bright and enjoyable dates in the drama. They were mostly crying and breaking up with each other, and I felt that it was a pity to let these characters go just like that, so I suggested the kiss to the director.”

Lee also shared his personal favourite scene from “Goblin”, which was when the Grim Reaper was first introduced to the audience. Lee’s character walks in front of an oncoming car and causes it to crash to a halt as it collides against his indestructible body.

“This was the first scene for the Grim Reaper and I had to think a lot about how I wanted to portray the cold and aloof character. I wanted that aspect of his character to contrast strongly with his cute and gentle side that would be revealed later on in the drama,” Lee told the fans.

“That day we filmed this scene was also on my birthday, so maybe that’s why it was a more memorable scene for me,” he added.

The actor also reminisced about the drama “Scent Of A Woman”, which first brought him to Singapore back in 2011.

“Scent Of A Woman” was the first drama that Lee filmed right after finishing his mandatory military service in South Korea. While he was serving in the army for two years, Lee admitted he was worried that his fans would forget about him.

“I also wondered if I could continue acting, but thankfully that drama helped me kick start my return back into the industry. It even allowed me to come to Singapore for the first time,” he said.

Photos, duets and hugs

The actor interacted with several lucky fans on stage for photo-taking, games and special fan requests, which included hugs, photos, playing games and recording of a morning wake-up call.

One fan sang the song “I Miss You” by Soyou, from the “Goblin” soundtrack, which was incidentally the theme song of the Grim Reaper and Sunny’s love story. When she failed to remember the Korean lyrics, Lee jumped in to help and performed an impromptu duet with her, drawing cheers from the audience.

He also provided fan service by re-enacting a scene from “Scent Of A Woman”, where he did a flower gesture in front of his face and said, “I’m your present.”

While he didn’t perform a dance cover of “TT” (originally by K-pop girl group Twice), he did a few dance moves to please the fans, adding that he was “getting old”.

Lee concluded the fan meet by singing the song “My Time Towards You” from the soundtrack of his drama “Bubblegum”, the series he filmed right before “Goblin”. He also gave each fan a “high touch” (a high five) as they exited the hall.

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