Fans in Singapore want ‘Goblin’ actor Lee Dong-wook to visit their houses

Lee Dong-wook waves to fans in Singapore. (Photo: Bryan Huang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Actor Lee Dong-wook may have played an uninvited tenant as the Grim Reaper on Korean drama “Goblin”, but it’s clear he would be welcomed by fans in Singapore any day.

The 35-year-old Lee was at Plaza Singapura on Saturday (15 April) for an open press conference, hours before his “For My Dear” show at Marina Bay Sands later in the day.

The hot sun (and later dark clouds) did not deter fans in Singapore from crowding to see their beloved K-drama star, with some even arriving before 8.30am to claim a spot and make their voices heard. When asked by host Ken Low which places in Singapore fans would recommend for Lee to visit during his time here, the loudest answer from the fans was almost in unison.

“My house!” they screamed, to which Lee sportingly replied in Korean, “There would be too many houses for me to visit.”

Lee also answered questions about his “pink lips”, “white skin” and fashion style, claiming that he didn’t really do much to maintain himself and dressed accordingly to seasons.

The male host then proceeded to ask the actor about his “sexy eyes” and “nice mouth”, which Lee commented was “strange coming from a guy”. “Please calm down,” Lee said to the host jokingly in Korean.

Lee Dong-wook tells host Ken Low (not pictured) to ‘calm down’ in Korean. (Photo: Bryan Huang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Lee also spoke of his numerous roles, saying that he brought a bit of himself to each character that he played. When asked what other roles he would like to try in the future, some fans suggested that Lee portray a bad guy, with a few even going as far as to call for him to play a “pervert”.

The actor approved of the first suggestion and laughed off the second. He said that he would be focusing on his Asia tour until July, after which he would reveal his next acting project, which could be a movie or drama.

Lee also said he had prepared a more personal fan meet for the fans in Singapore so as to be “closer” to them. “Every time I do a fan meeting, even if I am feeling tired, (the most important thing is) I want my fans to enjoy the show,” Lee said. “I will do my best.”

This is Lee’s first visit to Singapore in six years, and the first time he is holding a fan meet in the country.

He was last seen in the hit drama “Goblin”, starring as the Grim Reaper alongside Gong Yoo’s titular character. Fans can also catch Lee in the 2014 K-drama Hotel King, which is also airing on Oh!K (Channel 816) on Starhub.

-Additional reporting by Elizabeth Tong

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