Crowd favourite Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle closes temporarily till 15 July

Seems like the May and Jun holidays are the perfect time to catch a break — not just for parents and students, but also for hawkers! One such stall, the crowd-favourite Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle, will be temporarily closed until 15 Jul 2024.

Wei Yi Laksa - Stallfront

With laksa that racks up regular queues, Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle is perhaps one of the most well-known stalls in Tanglin Halt Market.

News of the stall’s temporary closure arose from a post in the Heritage SG Food Facebook group. As the establishment does not have a prominent social media presence, the reason behind their hiatus is not know either. However, their business profile on Google Maps has since been marked as ‘Temporarily Closed‘.

Although the closure is only temporary, I can see how it can come as quite a bummer for loyal devotees and laksa aficionados. Imagine going 1.5 months without your go-to stall; I could never!

Wei Yi Laksa - Stallfront Queue

Despite its rather quiet location in Tanglin Halt, Wei Yi Laksa has built a name for itself as one of the best laksa spots in Singapore. I mean, its Chinese name, 唯一辣沙 (wei yi laksa), literally translates to ‘the one and only laksa‘.

There is a catch, though. The stall operates for just 4 days a week, and you’ll have to be up bright and early to catch them as they open at 5.30am. Still, their many fans remain unfazed. The stall’s characteristic queues often form before they even pull open their shutters.

Wei Yi Laksa - Laksa

Wei Yi Laksa serves up 7 types of their signature Laksa (from S$4.50), each containing a different combination of ingredients.

The option that offers the best bang for your buck would be the one with Chicken, Prawns, Cockles & Fried Beancurd (S$6/S$8). Alternatively, you could get the one without cockles at S$4.50/S$6/S$8 or one with just Chicken & Fried Beancurd (S$4.50/S$6/S$8). Each bowl is chock-full of ingredients, noodles and a light, flavourful gravy.

Wei Yi Laksa - Prawn Noodles

The stall also offers Prawn Noodles (S$4/S$5/S$8) with generous ingredients, done the old-school way. Nonetheless, many gravitate towards their famed Laksa.

Before Wei Yi Laksa returns from their well-deserved break, why not take the chance to check out what else Tanglin Halt Market has to offer? Perhaps, you can tuck into a comforting plate of healthy fried rice from Just Eat It, or indulge in the famed min jiang kueh from Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake!

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