Cecilia Liu reveals why she doesn't do reality shows

26 Sep - Cecilia Liu recently admitted that she is not interested in doing variety shows as she is not good at it.

In a recent interview with COSMO, the Chinese star stated that she is aware of her weaknesses when it comes to her ability especially in the reality show sphere, saying, "I am slow to react."

"Things like exposure is not something I struggle with. Some things have pros and cons. I think it's just about finding that balance, as long as you are comfortable," she said.

Cecilia also believed that as an actor, it is more important to devote more time and energy to improve her acting skills and bringing better performances to the audience.

When mentioned that she always seemed to disappear whenever she is not working on something, the actress responded, "You can say that I am happy with the situation... even when I go out, I don't want to be discovered by the outside world. The clothes I wear in real life are not outstanding at all."

Cecilia married her 'Scarlet Heart' co-star Nicky Wu in 2015
Cecilia married her 'Scarlet Heart' co-star Nicky Wu in 2015

(Photo Source: Cecilia Liu Weibo)