Carrie Wong apologises to Lawrence Wong after dissing him in leaked texts for replacing Aloysius Pang in drama

In a leaked private Instagram conversation, Mediacorp actors Carrie Wong and Ian Fang criticised Lawrence Wong (right) for replacing the late Aloysius Pang's role in a drama. (PHOTOS: Carrie Wong and Ian Fang/Instagram, Starhub)
Carrie Wong and Ian Fang criticised Lawrence Wong (right) for replacing the late Aloysius Pang's role in a drama. (PHOTOS: Carrie Wong and Ian Fang/Instagram, Starhub)

The latest scandal to engulf Singapore showbiz since the cutting of ties between Pan Lingling and Hong Huifang is here – and it involves younger actors sexting each other and dissing colleagues via leaked texts.

A mysterious anonymous source leaked private messages between Mediacorp actors Ian Fang and Carrie Wong in a video which had circulated among the showbiz industry for a few weeks before reaching the wider public online.

In the video, someone holding a mobile phone scrolls through a long Instagram DM (direct message) conversation between the two actors. The messages contain innuendos which suggest a sexual relationship between the two – when Wong already has a boyfriend and Fang is romantically linked to actress Rebecca Lim. The duo later said they said those things in jest.

Initial media reports have focused on the alleged dalliance between the two stars, who can currently be seen on Channel 8 drama Hello, Miss Driver playing brother and sister. But their comments trash-talking fellow actor Lawrence Wong have pulled the Story of Yanxi Palace star into the mix.

Carrie, 25, was apparently close to the late actor Aloysius Pang, who tragically died after a military training accident in New Zealand in January this year. She was apparently not thrilled at the news that Lawrence would replace Aloysius’ role in a Channel 8 drama that is currently being filmed, My One in a Million – and she said as much to Fang, 29.

Carrie asks Ian in their leaked messages, "How can he (Lawrence Wong) compare to Aloysius? Since he’s so popular in China, why did he come back?"

Lawrence, who used to act in Singapore, shot to fame after he moved to China and starred in the blockbuster drama Story of Yanxi Palace. He recently came back to Singapore in order to film for My One in a Million.

Ian replies Carrie: "You have to win him and let him know that we don't rely on connections, looks or luck."

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Lawrence made an Instagram post yesterday which seemed to be a clap-back to Carrie and Ian’s criticisms. He quoted his interview with 8 Days where he said his success came only after a difficult journey when he started as a nobody in showbiz. He wrote, “I didn’t realise I gave the perfect answer to all the naysayers who think that my achievements are due to “good looks”, “connections” or just simply “luck”.

A spokesperson from Red Dot Artistes, who manages Lawrence in Singapore, told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore that Carrie has since apologised to Lawrence while they were filming together for My One in a Million. Lawrence told Chinese paper Shin Min Daily News, “She was very calm when she apologised to me. I’m very thankful that she said sorry so graciously.”

Despite this, we’re guessing the atmosphere between Carrie and Lawrence on set is still pretty awkward, though.

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