Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz are finally divorced

13 Jun– After months of conflict and making headlines, Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz are finally and officially divorced.

The Singaporean singer-actor recited the talaq in front of the shariah judge, Wan Mohd Najib Wan Hamat at 1.10pm on 13 June, with Bella agreeing not to demand mutaah and iddah alimony.

Bella has also taken to social media to confirm the divorce, writing, "I always believe that a chance can change a person but only if used well. And mistakes made over and over again are not mistakes but choices. I always dreamed of a lasting marriage but when I think back, after much chances that I gave, in the end I was unable to fight destiny."

"I have fought enough for this relationship but this fight is in vain because I am the only one who is fighting. My prayer is that my new life with the children will be easier and I will try my best to be the best mother and father for them. No regrets, I accept this is a test and a life experience. Thank you to my family, friends, industry friends, media and all followers who prayed for us all. May all good prayers return to you all," she expressed.

Bella also didn't mince words as she added, "And for the last time, I would like to congratulate my former friend Ruhainies for successfully ruining the marriage, and making my children lose their father."

Bella says she will focus on her life as a single mother
Bella says she will focus on her life as a single mother

(Photo Source: Bella Astillah IG, Aliff Aziz IG)