Zhang Zhehan returns after Japanese shrine controversy

4 Apr – Months after he went on a hiatus due to the Yasukuni Shrine controversy, Chinese singer-actor Zhang Zhehan suddenly reappeared on Instagram, much to fans' delight.

On 3 April, the actor shared a couple of photos of himself, and wrote, "Find your voice. Find yourself. Real power is always greater than perfect power!"

One fan wrote, "You don't know how so happy I am to see your update. I almost cry."

"So happy to see your face again," wrote another.

It was back in August last year that photos of the actor posing in front of cherry blossom trees near Japan's Yasukuni Shrine in 2018 resurfaced, sparking outrage among Chinese netizens, as the shrine is revealed to honour imperial Japanese military officers who invaded China.

He had since apologised, saying that he was attending a friend's wedding in Japan and did not know the history of the said venue.

In January this year, he denied that the said building was the Yasukuni Shrine, saying that he didn't enter the said venue nor did he offer his prayers there, and was only in the area to enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms.

The photo that sparked backlash
The photo that sparked backlash

(Photo Source: Zhang Zhehan Instagram, Yomiuri)