Yoga Lin and Kiki Ding to welcome another child

3 Oct – Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin recently announced that wife Kiki Ding is now pregnant with their second child.

As reported on UDN, the singer shared the good news at a jewellery event last week, saying that his wife was already pregnant while filming the music video for his latest song, "Otomen".

"It was really hard on her at the time. The video ended with a pair of siblings, but nobody knew at the time that Kiki was in her first trimester," he said.

Yoga also revealed that they are expecting a baby girl this time around.

"It really is similar to the story in the music video, which is really coincidental," he enthused.

Asked if he would become a "fool" for his daughter in the future, like most fathers would, Yoga laughed and said that he wouldn't know that for now.

As for son Kubbe, Yoga said that he and Kiki have started to help him understand that he will be welcoming a sibling soon.

"We're using psychology on him. We kept saying, you are feeling bored now because your sister isn't here yet," he said.

(Photo Source: Yoga Lin Instagram)