Women On Top: Nova Ceceliana Nelson, founder of Cultivate Central

SINGAPORE — When you think of growing food and designing urban gardens, doing it as a career may be the last thing on your mind, but not for Nova Ceceliana Nelson. She created her company, Cultivate Central with a mission to design and create vibrant, ecological and compact food gardens that’ll inspire children and their communities to connect with nature, while living sustainably.

Since 2014, Nova and her team of permaculture designers have been working with children and communities to educate, inform and connect them to nature using permaculture design principles. As a multidisciplinary practice, Nova hopes through her company Cultivate Central, she is able to help build spaces beyond gardening to encourage observation, wonder, design, artistic expression, creative problem solving, community building and play.


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‘Women On Top’ is a series focusing on women entrepreneurs who initiate, innovate and run their own businesses whether individually or in collaboration with others. These trailblazers seem to do it all with grace, establishing their enterprise while balancing their personal, social and family life.