Wheein announces first five Asian cities of her tour

26 Jan - Wheein is taking her first world tour out of South Korea with the recent release of her upcoming tour dates.

On 24 January, THE L1VE announced the first five Asian cities that the MAMAMOO member will be performing in, starting with Hong Kong on 26 March, followed by Bangkok on 6 April.

The singer will then fly to Manila on 13 April, followed by Taipei on 20 April, and Tokyo on 1 May.

However, this is just the initial leg of the tour, with more dates and tour stops to be announced at a later date.

The tour, "WHEE IN THE MOOD" will begin in Seoul on 24 and 25 February.

Wheein is part of the vocal quartet MAMAMOO
Wheein is part of the vocal quartet MAMAMOO

(Photo Source: Wheein IG)