Would you wear these Japanese 'fried chicken' pants?

These ‘fried chicken pants’ could just be the next big fashion trend. Photos: Twitter/@k_kazu_magi/@Demasei_

Japanese fashion has once again tried to establish who is on the top with this wild idea of turning women’s thigh into delicious-looking fried chicken – though this is perhaps unintentional. The main feature of these orange-brown, wide-leg pants is the distinctive plump curve. Coupled with fair-skinned legs and a pair of white shoes, the effect indeed does look like a pair of chicken drumsticks.

These “fried chicken pants” are a unique product of cawaii, a fashion magazine that originated in Japan. Twitter user @k_kazu_magi, who saw the item on shopping site Rakuten, said she could only see it as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The elastic, thin fabric not only makes the pants comfortable to wear, it also has a pattern that emphasises the volume and its three-dimensional look. The material, its texture, together with the cheerful orange-brown colour inevitably make one relate it to freshly-fried, pipin’ hot chicken.

On Twitter, there are various comments on how to coordinate the clothes with these pants. Some said to wear it with a pair of brown boots, while others said it would be perfect with a pair of white lace socks. Or a silvery pair of sneakers would look cool with the “fried chicken pants”.

Looking at the rubber chicken on the right, one assumes that this is probably how the pants would look when like paired with a set of brown boots. Oh, and don’t forget the maroon necktie.

The wide pants are priced at 9,936 yen (about S$120), inclusive of tax. If you are confident in coordinating fashionable clothes, why not give it a try? Or you could wear them as a Halloween costume…

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