Loincloths are making a comeback this summer in Japan

Loincloths are making a comeback this summer in Japan

Summer is here and with it comes the inevitable wave of fashion trends for your time under the sun. And what better way is there to bask in the sun’s glory than spending time at the beach… in a loincloth?

Fundoshi, or loincloth, is the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males, and is most commonly worn by sumo wrestlers. Its popularity fell after World War II, when new underwear like briefs and trunks were introduced to the Japanese market.

However, fundoshi continued to survive in the market as festival clothing, fashionable swimsuits and luxury lingerie.

Recently, Japan has once again turned its attention back towards this underwear trend. Fundoshi seems like a must-have for both men and women this summer, with label Fundoshibu doing its best to promote the garment on its Instagram page

Along with the growing demand, online shops have sprouted up on the Internet, and clothing stores even have sections specifically for fundoshi.

In this comeback, the traditional fundoshi sheds its stereotypical off-white and plain look to take on a variety of designs, making it a fashionable beach statement.

The Japan Fundoshi Association aims to re-define the well-loved traditional fundoshi, making it something people would want to wear in the current society.

However, the Association pointed out that rather than advertising the fundoshi products, what they really hope to achieve is for people to be themselves and embrace freedom of expression.

They are looking at a world that is not standardised and monotonous, through a life with fundoshi. Would you be willing to embrace the loincloth lifestyle?

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