Behold, a $1,500 frog jacket makes its debut at Japan's Design Festa

Shin’s Frog Jacket unzipped (Photo: @Shin_1223 Twitter)

Do you ever wake up feeling like “yes, today I want to be a frog”? Well don’t worry, Japan’s got you covered.

At Japan’s Design Festa Vol. 45, which took place from 27 to 28 May at Tokyo Big Sight, otherwise known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, one artist decided that the dream of being able to dress like a frog should not go unfulfilled.

Featuring original works, Design Festa is an art event anyone is free to participate in, regardless of age, nationality, genre, or professional status.

So it should come as no surprise that some artworks stood out among the countless created by the over 10,000 participating artists – particularly this one, a realistic-looking frog jacket by Shin.

The designer specialises in fashion and miscellaneous goods made using PVC and stretchable rubber fabric, giving her works a glossy appearance.

Shin’s Frog Jacket zipped up (Photo: @Shin_1223 Twitter)

The frog jacket, which is available for order at 120,000 yen (about S$1500), has a few interesting features.

The frog’s head acts as a hood and a zipper is sewn across the frog’s mouth. With the mouth zipped, you’d be all set for that “Kermit’s Best Friend” cosplay competition. And also that meeting which you really do not want to attend.

This unique creation, which Shin single-handedly hand-makes from design to sewing, also presents a frog’s cute side with its big, round, black eyes.

Other than the frog jacket, Shin also has various frog-themed products for sale, like a frog pass card case, a frog pouch, a frog bag, and even Design Festa limited items like the poisonous frog bag and the reprinted edition frog rucksack, which cost between 6,500 yen (about S$81) and 45,000 yen (about S$561).

As Japan moves into its rainy season, the frog jacket seems like a timely creation.

However, Shin has noted that her focus with the frog jacket is on the overall look as opposed to comfort.

Made from a rather thick material, the frog jacket would sadly be too warm to wear outside in Japan at the moment, with summer temperatures reaching as high as 30 deg C in Tokyo.

But indoors, no weather will stop your amphibious dreams.

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