Wang Baoqiang responds to ex-wife's assault allegations

5 Dec – Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang has a different story than his ex-wife Ma Rong in regards to her recent physical assault allegations.

As reported on On CC, earlier, Ma revealed to the media that Wang, along with four other people, had physically injured her in an altercation after refusing to let her take their kids away for the weekend.

She also took to social media to share the extent of her injury, saying that she was struck on the head, the back, the neck, and the chin.

In response to her allegations, Wang revealed via his lawyer that it was Ma who tried to cause a scene by storming into his apartment with scissors, and that it was Wang who contacted the police after his mother fainted from the shock over the altercation.

Wang revealed that they had another argument for the next seven to eight hours after the police had left, and Ma decided to lock herself in the guest bedroom.

Wang alleged that when the police arrived again to help and broke through the door, Ma threatened to cut herself with a piece of a broken glass, and even told Wang that she will be filming them.

On the other hand, a leaked CCTV video reportedly coming from outside of Wang's apartment showed a woman resembling Ma and her mother trying to knock down a CCTV camera. An object resembling a pair of scissors was also seen falling to the floor.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)