Under $40,000: 8 HDBs That Aren’t Your Basic 4-Room BTO

We asked our Instagram fans what burning questions they had about renovation and the one topic that kept popping up? 4-room HDB renovations. (You can view the full Q&A session in our Instagram Highlights, here!)

We’ve rounded up 8 epic 4-room renovations to get inspiration for your very own HDB overhaul. The best part? They cost less than $40,000 to pull off!

1. Instead of going with full-on carpentry or fancy materials, this clean yet calming home uses subtle details like painted walls, black track lights, and wooden finishes to create visual contrast and look absolutely picture-perfect.

Interior Designer: Author’s Interior and Styling
Renovation Cost: $30,000

2. Tip: The right materials and colour scheme can help to make your space look way more expensive than it really is. Just like this earthy abode. Even with its simple aesthetic, the smart use of wood grains and matching, neutral hues creates an upscale look - you wouldn’t guess it’s been renovated for just $27,000!

Interior Designer: Charlotte’s Carpentry
Renovation Cost: $27,000

3. This bright, easygoing Scandinavian aesthetic going on, amps up its style factor with quirky accents - from the sliding powder-coated iron kitchen door, creeping floor tiles to the cute, button-like hooks in the guest-room cum walk-in wardrobe.

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates
Renovation Cost: $35,000

4. We’ve said it before, and yes, we’ll say it again – odd or complicated carpentry shapes can translate to higher renovation costs, so go for classic, linear built-ins if you’re renovating on a tight budget. Set in pale taupes, greiges (grey + beige) and creams, the resulting effect for this 4-room HDB is a sleek-looking space that gives off major condo vibes.

Interior Designer: erstudio
Renovation Cost: $32,950

5. A little wall hacking shouldn’t cost a bomb, unless you’re completely rearranging your home’s layout. So don’t shy away from be afraid to plan for an open-concept home, just like this cool, industrial abode!

Interior Designer: Goodman Interior
Renovation Cost: $34,000

6. While keeping your HDB tiles may not help to save that much, it will free up some money for little indulgences. Think suspended armchairs, a ‘secret’ gaming den or a quaint little dining nook, complete with French-style windows by the kitchen – as seen in this cheery, nordic-style home.

Interior Designer: Carpenters 匠
Renovation Cost: $30,000

7. Painting a feature wall is a cost-effect alternative - it could be as simple as putting a dash of vibrant colour on a single wall, a simple graphic wall mural, or, if you have the artistic chops, a ‘chalkboard wall’ for intricate hand-drawn artworks to add a creative flair, like this lively abode.

Interior Designer: Style Living Interior
Renovation Cost: $38,000

8. Done up in a scheme of white and wood finishes, slight variations added to the mix – such as the various types of handles used to the chevron patterns – help to add a visual punch. Meanwhile, pops of colour on the painted walls finish the look for a space that’s simple, welcoming yet different.

Interior Designer: Archive Design
Renovation Cost: $38,000

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