‘The Ultimate Back-to-School Skincare Guide From Evereden’

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Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Kimberley Ho and a team of accredited dermatologists, Evereden develops research-backed, plant-based skin-and body-formulas for moms, kids and babies. Their team of Moms in Medicine TM, a visionary team of leading dermatologists from Harvard and Stanford, provide profound knowledge in the formulation process as experts in their fields of dermatology, while their own experiences as moms allow a deeper understanding of what parents are looking for.

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Evereden stays on the cutting edge of dermatological research, using only the safest, most effective ingredients in their products. They were also the first to incorporate high-end ingredients typically found in women’s skincare to children’s products, like cold-processed sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, marula, and rosehips oils.

With kids going back to school, now is the perfect time to start teaching them a self-care routine. Evereden’s Kids Multi-Vitamin Skincare Collection is a line of kid’s skin and hair care products designed for kids ages 4-11. All of their kid’s collection is made with Evereden’s MegaVitamin Complex TM, which includes a unique blend of omega acids, amino acids, pre/probiotics and vitamins to help give kids’ skin the building blocks it needs for their healthiest future. Evereden's Kids Multi-Vitamin Skincare Collection meets kids' skin needs where it's specifically at and allows kids to begin to develop and sustain their own healthy habits, by taking agency in their own self-care routine.

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Evereden’s Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Wash and Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Cream are the perfect duo to cleanse and nourish your skin. The Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Wash is rich in amino acids, vitamin Bs, and prebiotics, and gently yet deeply cleans to leave facial skin balanced. Kids' facial skin is under daily attack from dust, dirt, and increasing sebum production–which can cause problems later on if left unchecked. It’s important for kids to wash their faces, especially now that they are wearing masks all day. The Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Cream helps your kids put their best face forward by strengthening and protecting facial skin from bacteria and environmental damage, as well as balancing the skin's natural microbiome.

Evereden’s Ultimate Kids Shower Set, which includes a Kids Multi-Vitamin Body Wash, Kids Multi-Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner, and Kids Multi-Vitamin Body Lotion is the perfect trio for maintaining clean and healthy hair and skin.

The Kids Multi-Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner, has ideal ratios of biotin, amino acids, and omega-3 to strengthen and condition hair while maiden hair fern and wild thyme extracts provide a gentle, yet long lasting cleansing effect. The Kids Multi-Vitamin Body Wash is a foaming body wash with prebiotics to keep the skin’s natural microbiome balanced and vitamin C to help neutralize free radical aggressors that kids are exposed to daily. The Kids Multi-Vitamin Body Lotion is a lightweight yet richly nourishing formula with MegaVitamin Complex TM that contains over 10% of essential omegas, amino acids, probiotics, and vitamin E.

Evereden’s collection of hair and skincare has been carefully crafted with gentle, effective, and natural ingredients to protect, restore, and soothe skin so you can feel good knowing your children are using clean, nourishing products. Now is the time to start focusing on your child’s skin care routine, just as much as you do yours.

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