TWICE mostly sugar with a dash of spice at first concert in Singapore

K-pop girl group TWICE at their first concert in Singapore (Photo: ONE Production)

Though it’s been less than two years since TWICE burst into the music scene, their explosive popularity and chart-topping hits have earned them a name as one of the reigning K-pop groups.

The nine-member girl group held their first ever local performance, “TWICELAND – The Opening in Singapore”, on Saturday evening (29 April) at the The Star Theatre, amidst a packed audience.

TWICE in white military band-inspired uniforms at their concert in Singapore (Photo: ONE Production)

Performed despite the odds

Kicking off the show with the catchy “Touchdown”, the girls came on stage in white military band-inspired uniforms.

Unfortunately, group leader Jihyo had injured her knee previously and was unable to perform. Determined not to let her fans down, she was instead seated and singing at the side of the stage while the other members danced in the middle.

Jihyo mentioned throughout the concert about how apologetic she was, and promised to be in the pink of health when the group next returned. Despite her injury, she tried her best to fulfil her duties as the main vocalist of the group.

TWICE's leader Jihyo at their first concert in Singapore (Photo: ONE Production)

Addictive tunes

Unsurprisingly, the audience was most hyped up when the girls performed chart-topping hits such as “Cheer Up” (which included the iconic fan chant “Shy Shy Shy”), “TT” and “Knock Knock”.

TWICE also made full use of the three different nationalities among the group, with the youngest member, Tzuyu, in charge of speaking Mandarin during the concert for the benefit of fans in Singapore who understood the language.

During the talk segment, Jihyo expressed her amazement at how good the Singapore audience was in Korean, and how even the placards were written in hangul (the Korean alphabet).

Dahyun showed her playful side when she lip-synced the concert staff’s English translation of her thank-you speech, bringing laughter to the fans.

Special collaboration stages

As a treat to their fans (known as ONCEs), TWICE split into different units to showcase different types of performances.

TWICE performing in Singapore (Photo: ONCE Production)

Mina, Jihyo and Jungyeon danced to Madonna’s “4 Minutes” while Tzuyu and Dahyun donned cat costumes and performed Turbo’s “Black Cat Nero”.

The girls also covered tracks from popular boy groups EXO and Seventeen, adding their own TWICE spin to it.


Singapore ONCEs also prepared a special surprise for the group during the concert.

TWICE's fans in Singapore (called ONCEs) played a video tribute to the group. (Photo: ONE Production)

As the girls gathered to take a wefie with the audience, a video tribute started to play on the screen, highlighting the group’s best moments over the past few years.

TWICE taking a photo with the crowd at their first concert in Singapore (Photo: ONE Production)

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