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TWICELAND The Opening in Singapore

Members of Korean girl group TWICE at a press conference in Singapore (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore/Bryan Huang)

TWICE talk food, fun and fans at press conference in Singapore

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

A day before their first ever concert in Singapore, members of popular South Korean girl group TWICE met with the media at a press conference on Friday (28 April).

The group talked about what fans could expect at their concert, “TWICELAND – The Opening in Singapore”, what the girls did for fun to destress, and most importantly, what local food they’d already tried after flying in the night earlier.

Japanese member Mina, in response to a question by Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, said the group had chilli crab on Thursday night and really, really enjoyed it.

“It was really delicious,” Mina answered in Korean, later adding that she would also like to try some kaya toast.

TWICE’s youngest member, Tzuyu, who is Taiwanese, said in a mix of Korean and Mandarin, “We heard that the Hainanese chicken rice is good. We would love to try it!”

Other local delights suggested to the group by the emcee included satay, nasi lemak and bak ku teh.

Group bonding

As a reference to their hit song “Cheer Up”, the nine girls shared about their group bonding sessions and how they usually cheer each other up.

Sana, another of TWICE’s Japanese members, said, “We love to dance and sing like crazy with the music turned on really loud in our house, which also has a disco mirror ball. That’s usually how we relieve stress.”

“We also like to have supper together, that’s when we can really talk to each other,” she added.

For the fans

As for what fans can expect from their concert on Saturday (29 April) at The Star Theatre, Tzuyu said that they could “definitely look forward to ‘special stages’ with different concepts” that members had prepared.

Korean member Jungyeon (also known as the ‘mother of the group’), also added, “We practised really hard for this concert, so please look out for our performances.”

The concert marks the first time that the band is performing in Singapore.

Fans of the group, called ONCEs, snapped up all the VIP tickets to their concert in Singapore within minutes of the launch. Some fans even waited at the hotel from 11am just to catch an appearance of their idols before the performance on Saturday.

Some tickets to the concert are still available, and can be purchased via the hotline (+65 3158 8588), box offices at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Star Performing Arts Centre, as well as all Singpost outlets.

Consisting of members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, TWICE’s recent hits have included “Knock Knock” and “TT”, which has proven so popular that some Korean celebrities such as Lee Joon-gi have performed it at their fan meets.

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