TVB to let go Jacqueline Wong

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

10 Nov – TVB has reportedly dropped Jacqueline Wong, a year following her scandal with married singer Andy Hui.

As reported on Singtao, despite TVB keeping hopes that the controversy would quiet down after a long hiatus - with her dramas being either shelved or had her replaced with different actresses - it was revealed that the company has decided not to renew Jacqueline's contract when it expires in two months' time.

It is noted that the broadcaster recently decided to air her previously shelved "The Offliners" in 2021, with sources claiming that the drama's viewership will determine whether or not Jacqueline could make her comeback.

However, it looks like TVB has instead decided to let her go before the drama could air.

When asked about it, Jacqueline only responded, "I will tell everyone if there is an update. Thank you for your concern."

On the other hand, another TVB artiste Jackson Lai was also reported to have been fired from the company, following his previous extra-marital affair with his co-star Ashley Chu.

When prodded for response, TVB executive Virginia Lok stated that she has yet to find the time to sit down with the two actors, but that she would like to understand their situation further. She also admitted that both Jacqueline and Jackson are currently on unpaid leave.

(Photo Source: Jacqueline Wong Instagram)