New in town: Kawan Bowl — 9 unique Danlao-style scrambled egg rice bowls, ayam berempah & beef rendang

If you’re a fan of the wildly popular Danlao, you’re going to love this one. Enter Kawan Bowl, its new sister concept that puts Malay- and Indonesian-inspired twists on the chain’s renowned scrambled egg rice bowls.

The stall, nestled in Choa Chu Kang, is the latest addition to the chain’s impressive line-up of 8 outlets islandwide.

Kawan Bowl - Stallfront

Kawan Bowl opened without much fanfare on 9 Apr 2024 at the humble Kopitiam Corner in Sunshine Place.

Touted as ‘egg-citingly inclusive’, the stall serves up pork- and lard-free alternatives to the scrambled egg rice bowls that Danlao is known and loved for. Great news: they revealed in a comment on their Instagram page that they are currently in the process of obtaining Halal certification!

On that note, the ‘Kawan‘ in their name — which means ‘friend’ in Malay — is truly befitting, isn’t it?

Danlao - Scrambled Egg Bowls
Credit – Danlao

Apart from their shared speciality of scrambled egg rice bowls, you’ll notice that Kawan Bowl’s menu is strikingly different from Danlao’s. For one, they boast 9 delicious types of rice bowls, as opposed to Danlao’s comparatively modest selection of 5.

The most exciting difference, though, lies in their toppings. As I mentioned at the start, Kawan Bowl incorporates Malay- and Indonesian-inspired spins on the brand’s signature dish. If you’re thinking of ayam panggangsambal and rendang, you’re spot on!

Kawan Bowl - Ayam Berempah Egg Rice Bowl
Credit – Kawan Bowl

A dish that you definitely should not miss out on is their signature Ayam Berempah Egg Rice (S$7.90), which features a whole aromatic spiced chicken leg. If you enjoy the smoky flavours of grilled meat marinated in sweet-savoury kecap manis, the Ayam Panggang (S$7.90) will be right up your alley.

Kawan Bowl - Sambal Prawn Egg Rice Bowl
Credit – Kawan Bowl

Craving a fiery kick? The aromatic Sambal Prawn (S$7.90) and Taliwang Chicken Cutlet (S$7.90) will do just the trick. Alternatively, you can count on familiar favourites like the hearty Beef Rendang (S$8.90) and Banana Leaf Otah (S$6.90); the latter features a huge slab of soft, creamy otah.

Of course, who can forget the Chicken Luncheon Meat (S$5.90)? It’s an infallible classic that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Sounds amazing, I know, but that’s not all! You can even choose between 3 ‘styles’ of egg! First, there’s the classic Silken Egg, which gently drapes over the bed of rice like a blanket. Then, you have the Telur Dadar and the Crispy Egg. The former is essentially an omelette, while the latter is an interesting version of scrambled egg that’s deep-fried to a crisp.

As a Westie, I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Kawan Bowl to the hood. I might very well check the stall out myself this weekend!

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