New in town: Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang — Authentic Chengdu delicacies ready to pack a punch

The mala craze never seems to end! With more and more stores joining this craze, add the newly opened Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang to the long list of mala chains. Stationed in Velocity, this spicy addition adds to the wide variety of foods that Novena has to offer.

Also known as Jiaxiang Hometown Mala Tang, a direct translation, they specialise in crowd-favourite dishes, like authentic Mala Xiang Guo and Mala Tang. You’ll be sure to satisfy all your mala cravings now! A tip: attempt to beat the lunch crowd because Novena is packed!

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It works like every other store that sells mala xiang guo. A plethora of ingredients would be presented in front of you for you to customise your dish. The whole selection is displayed in an organised fashion, with meats very distinctly separated from the vegetables. These go for a flat rate of S$2.68/100g, with a minimum order of S$10.

As mentioned, the flavours are entirely customisable to your taste buds (or you could go crazy to test your spice tolerance). Ranging from More Spicy (小辣)Brutally Spicy (中辣), and Viciously Spicy (大辣), Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang surely knows how to scare us with their vicious spice levels. Rumour has it that even their More Spicy (小辣) packs a punch…

Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang 2

For those who fear the treacherous, maybe opting for the soup version would be better. You could add flavourful options into your mala soup, such as Tom Yum, Tomato and Pickled Vegetable. This adds another layer of flavour to your hearty bowl of soup which might alleviate the spice levels. If not, you could try out their Fried Mantou (S$5.80) or Crispy Chicken (S$5.80).

For something lighter on the palate or for the health conscious, you could opt for spinach noodles instead of maggi noodles. The noodles absorb the broth gorgeously which masks the mild spinach taste that one might not like!

In addition, Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang has a sauce counter. What I like about this is that I can add an unlimited amount of my favourite raw garlic, without qualms! Sauces are completely complimentary, so add the condiments to your preference.

If you’re in the area of Novena, check out the store but be sure to check out their socials for more information, or see what others have opted for.

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