New in town: Hansing Pocha — Authentic Korean restaurant with fruity soju that opens till 6am

Like how a good BBQ isn’t complete without a cold one, Korean food is never complete without soju and I’ve just got a spot for you. Hansing Pocha, a new Korean restaurant that recently opened on 1 Mar 2023 along Neil Road, is sure to delight with its authentic cuisine, grilled food and drinks.

Hansing Pocha - Exterior Shot

Firstly, you have the Hansing SapHap which comprises beef ribs, rib fingers, brisket, scallops and aged kimchi. The latter is directly imported from South Korea. It comes in 2 two sets: Set A (S$64) which is meant for 2 pax, and Set B (S$128), which can feed 3 to 4 pax.

Hansing Pocha - Seafood Set

There are also seafood options such as Butter-roasted Scallops (S$48)Steamed Scallops (S$48) and Steamed Oysters (S$65).

In the current cold season, perhaps their stew options would entice you with items like Budae Stew (S$45)Clam & Mussel Soup (S$40)Korean Rockfish Soup (S$45) and Aged Kimchi Stew (S$45) with proteins option such as Pork, Tuna and Saury.

Hansing Pocha - Oysters

Enjoy Korean signature dishes like Tteokbokki (S$28), Seafood & Green Onion Pancake (S$27)Pop Fried Chicken (Hot/Soy Sauce) (S$35) and Kimchi Pancake (S$25).

For those who are easy to please and can do with simpler Korean dishes, Hansing Pocha also has dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice (S$15). Alternatively, you can choose from their plethora of noodles like Spicy Mixed Noodles (S$15).

Now about them sojus, you can start off with the basic options like Chamisul (S$18), Jinro (S$21) and Chum-Churum (S$18). You can even opt for more fruity soju options ranging from Strawberry to Grapefruit, all of which are also priced at S$18. Should you wish to make the dining experience doubly authentic, go for their Makgeolli (Rice Wine) starting from S$25.

With just the right amount of soju, you might even think you’re a K-pop star!

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