New in town: Fried Rice Story — DTF-style fried rice hawker opens new outlet at Sengkang

Fried rice has been done to death not just in the hawker sphere but the restaurant scene as well. Yet this was how Fried Rice Story made waves in 2022, bringing the coveted Din Tai Fung approach to fried rice in an affordable, neighbourly hawker stall setting, and their own flavourful twists.

Fried Rice Story Sengkang - Sengkang outlet

They were left operating out of their Bukit Merah outlet when the original branch closed in Jul 2023. Now, Northerners can rejoice as Fried Rice Story is spinning its sumptuous tales for eager diners with a new location in Sengkang.

Unenthused by the typical fried rice formula? The stock flavours of the tried and true recipe have been dialled to eleven with the infusion of malateriyaki and even truffles.

Fried Rice Story Sengkang - Fried Rice

For the vanilla folk, a basic Egg Fried Rice (S$4) might suffice. The richer Mala, Teriyaki and Truffle Fried Rice are S$5, but Fried Rice Story has done away with pork chop entirely as they are trying to get Halal certification.

Instead, each plate of fried rice can be accompanied by Shrimp, Grilled or Katsu Chicken (S$7.90 each), Grilled Scallops, Braised Beef (S$8.90 each), or Jumbo Crab Meat (S$10.90) (sprinkled with tobiko) to fulfil your protein demands. Egg Fried Rice toppings are priced S$1 cheaper.

Fried Rice Story Sengkang - Omelette and wings

If you’re still not enticed by the safari of meat options, their Jumbo Crab Meat Omelette (S$12/S$18) and Hot Wings (S$5.90) are served with Thai seafood sauce for its added trademark tanginess. Sick of savoury? Mantou with Condensed Milk (S$4.90) is a dessert option disguised as a palate cleanser to waive those salty woes.

Fried Rice Story Sengkang is in the process of applying for Halal certification.

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