New in town: Ah Lim Chicken Rice — Tender chicken with aromatic rice, newly opened in Bedok

Longing for some authentic chicken rice that is sure to satisfy? Ah Lim Chicken Rice 阿林鸡饭 has just soft launched on 24 Apr 2023, and is now serving some good grub in Bedok!

Chicken rice is a must-try staple in Singapore. With the components of flavoured rice, tender chicken flesh and an addition of several cucumber slices, it makes for a full balanced meal that will keep folks energised for the day.

Ah Lim Chicken Rice — Set

Founded by a young hawker (as mentioned by a customer on Facebook), Ah Lim Chicken Rice is definitely one of the stalls that will be in the next generation of hawkers.

Ah Lim Chicken Rice provides 3 different types of chicken: poached, roasted and with soy sauce. Of course, the classic order would be the Single Portion Rice (S$4.20), but Chicken Rice Set (S$5.50) is available for those who would like some veggies.

Ah Lim Chicken Rice — Chicken Rice

A unique menu item would be the Triple Prosperity Set, which includes all 3 types of chicken. Definitely a must for the indecisive folks.

Not to worry, there are also noodles to cater to the folks who prefer such. Similar to the rice options, there is a Single Portion Noodles (S$5). However, Curry Chicken Noodles (S$5) are sure to suit those who prefer spicier food.

Ah Lim Chicken Rice — Spread

Now, what makes Ah Lim so special? Well, it would definitely be their ingredients. Their rice is said to be especially fragrant, having been cooked with more than 10 spices. The spice mix is a secret recipe which is essential for its delectable flavour.

The chicken is first poached in their chicken broth (which is freshly prepared with a boatload of chicken bones) before being further cooked according to the different flavours on offer. This ensures the maximum intensity of its natural chicken flavours.

Ah Lim Chicken Rice — Storefront

It seems that Bedok has gained another yummy place to grab a bite, so a stop by to try might be in order. Personally, I am rather curious if their rice would taste incredible with all those spices. Would it truly make all the difference? There’s only one way to find out!

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