Top 10 must-have travel accessories to travel smart in 2020

Tourist with backpack walking towards Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France
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Travelling the world can create some of the greatest memories of our lives. From an event we look forward to when we book it, to the days before the flight and organising what you’re going to pack, the memories you can create in different parts of the world are limitless.

While travelling is one of the most incredible things you can spend your time, it must be known, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows - from misplacing your passport, a wheel that won’t stop jamming, or a handle that won’t press down whilst you’re trying to put your luggage on the conveyor belt while a huge queue is forming behind you - things can go mighty wrong.

Fortunately, if you know not to skimp out on your luggage and have done the research to invest your money, you can greatly reduce the possibilities of bumps in the road (or should I say air turbulence).

Having spent numerous years travelling, we have a fine eye for what makes great accessories to travel with. From suitcases to a passport holder, listed below are our recommendations.


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(PHOTO: Zalora)
(PHOTO: Zalora)

Samsonite D200 Spinner - was S$660 now S$396

Samsonite is to luggage what Apple is to technology. Founded in 1910, Samsonite has a rich history and tens of millions of miles on the clock.

The D200 Spinner is simplistic in design, made with a light silver case which multi-faced faceted grooves emphasises the luxurious and polished appearance. On the interior, the luggage includes integrated wet pockets and dividers to equip you to stay organised on your trip. The four wheels are doubled up for strength; and speaking of strength, to keep your belongings safe, there’s the TSA combination lock.

(PHOTO: Zalora)
(PHOTO: Zalora)

Samsonite Jetsetter D200 & Ikonn Backpack Set - S$300 (Save 50%)

This Samsonite Jetsetter D200 & Ikonn Backpack Set is perfect for those who are renewing their travelling gear, plus you’ll save up to 50% when purchased together.

Carrying the Ikonn backpack as such is handy for quick access to your laptop while sitting in a coffeeshop; brownie points for its secure and simplistic details including the yellow embroidered logo and front zipper pocket.

(PHOTO: Zalora)
(PHOTO: Zalora)

Samsonite Go-getter excursion bag set - S$100

Samsonite has packaged a bundle set, perfect for any avid traveller. Included in the bundle is an excursion bag, memory foam pillow and a zipped travel wallet.

While pondering through duty-free to the markets of Marrakech and China, find yourself safely strapped to the excursion bag. If you’re on a flight or inter-railing across Europe, one luxury that can’t be forgotten is a memory foam pillow. Simply pop your head back into Samsonite’s cloud of comfort.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
Large matte silver/black luggage. (PHOTO: Shopee)

Large matt black/silver sport square squarish luggage scratch resistant - S$280

More suitable for those who travel for long periods of time, due to its size, the large metal suitcase comes with a secure TSA approved lock and a detachable blue mesh interior which can be easily washed.

For those who must remain organised on their trip, the luggage comes with two flex-divider systems.

Due to the 360-degree spinner multi-wheels, the suitcase is extremely mobile to move around despite its size.

The exterior is crafted from scratch-resistant aluminium magnesium alloy. The luggage is also shaped with the iconic downwards grooves, which is most commonly seen on metal suitcases.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
(PHOTO: Shopee)

Digital LCD Luggage Scale S$5.50

The days of measuring your suitcase on a scale in the bathroom are well and truly over.

Checking your baggage’s weight when checking in at an airport is a worrying expedition. Hoping it doesn’t go over as you’ll get charged a fortune for the extra allowance! Fortunately, there is a solution, and a cheap one at that.

The compact scale is a lightweight and digital tool used to measure your luggage; simply attach the strap to the scale, then hook the strap around the handle of your bag and the scale will read the weight of your luggage.

The compact digital scale can also be packed in your luggage, so you can weigh your suitcase before your return flight.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
(PHOTO: Shopee)

Herschel Supply Raynor passport holder - S$26.92

The hip retro brand Herschel known for their craft in backpacks, have turned their eye to the smaller accessories space.

On this passport holder, a white labelled logo is printed at the bottom right of the cover. Sleeves on either sides hold your passport, and there are three slots on the interior left sleeve to provide secure storage.

Currently, at 50% off, you can purchase the Herschel Supply Raynor passport holder for S$26.97.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
(PHOTO: Shopee)

Personalised leather passport holder in saffiano microfiber leather, monogram with initials - S$24.90 to S$29.80

It’s best given as a gift to yourself or a friend. This leather passport holder is much more personal than any other. From the colour of the microfibre leather to the colour of the front printing the name, find what best suits you.

The interior includes a stylish pen holder in the centre, followed by three cardholders on the left pocket and a slot peaking behind. On the right side, is a larger diagonal slot comfortably securing your passport.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
(PHOTO: Shopee)

The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag - S$216

The base camp duffel is perfect to accompany any explorer on their adventures. The North Face, an outdoor brand known for durability and well-crafted products, is perfect for the different landscapes and elements you can throw at it.

The bag’s opening rests on the top of the bag, which sits on the back of the wearer when used as a backpack. Depending on how you plan on carrying the bag, there are four side drop handles, making this bag more practical than most alternatives on the market.

On the side of the bag is printed The North Face logo, which transports to the top when wearing as a backpack, using the padded, adjustable straps.

(PHOTO: Shopee)
(PHOTO: Shopee)

6pcs waterproof travel storage bag clothes packing cube luggage organizer - 50% off

Organising your luggage is a great way to be more efficient in packing; just save space and time by categorically dividing your belongings into different sections.

From clothes to lounge in, separating your dirty laundry or dividing the space between you and your travelling partner; there are a variety of colours to choose from, so you can find the optimal packing set to match with your suitcase.

Gucci GG Supreme. (PHOTO: Zalora)
Gucci GG Supreme. (PHOTO: Zalora)

GUCCI GG Supreme Duffle, was S$4,380 - now S$4,099

For those who have an eye for designer goods, this will be right up your street. Littered with the famous Gucci pattern and edged with dark brown leather; the miraculous gem will keep you looking stylish on your travels.

From Paris, London, to all the way to New York City and about every other big cities along the way, the duffle bag has two bands running parallel along the side of the bag until it reaches the handle in the centre. A larger strap clips either side of the bag adjacent to the zipper tracks. To complement the brown leather edging, there’s the luggage tags, crafted from the same material and attached to the centre handle.